In a Heartwarming Video, a Public Worker Serenades a Quarantined 94-Year-Old for Her Birthday



The news is full of negative things, and lately, we’ve heard of so much death.

But all around us, there is life.

How about a wonderful story of celebration amid this punishing pandemic?


On Twitter, user Muhammad Lila shared a touching video.

According to the post, a 94-year-old woman was celebrating her birthday recently, but she wasn’t allowed any visitors at her retirement home due to the coronavirus.

Therefore, a nearby public utility worker took it upon himself to go to the fence on the edge of the garden where she sat…and offer her a song.

And incredibly, this guy could SING.

Enjoy the sweet serenade, courtesy of the powerful pipes and kind heart of a caring stranger:

That’s got to be the best rendition of “Happy Birthday” I’ve ever heard.

The birthday girl’s daughter told the man, “You made us very happy. And my 94-year-old mom is ecstatic.”

The man said he’s been singing for 19 years, and he makes a joyful noise every Sunday at Dade City, Florida’s pentecostal Glorious Cogic Church.

He also serves in a nursing home ministry.

As for his talent for tunes, he said, “God showed me this. He gave me the gift, so I use it.”


It certainly is a gift — or it was on that day. With his talent and concern, he gave the gift of love to an elderly woman in quarantine.

He has a simple policy, one we’d all do well to share:

“[A]ny time I can use the grace of God to make someone happy, that’s what we’re gonna do.”

I believe him.

Thank you to a Good Samaritan, who not only blessed a seasoned citizen sitting alone, but all who see and hear his beautiful act of kindness.



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