Walmart Sees a Surge in Top Sales, Not Bottoms as America Sits Home in Its Underwear

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It’s something I’ve wondered for years: Companies have Casual Friday. That tells me they’ve determined that allowing people to dress as they wish doesn’t hurt business.

Why do they, then, make everyone uncomfortably dress up four days a week?

Well, welcome to the revolution.

On Monday, Walmart Executive Vice President for Corporate Affairs Dan Bartlett reported a piece of pandemic peculiarity to Fox News.

As it turns out, folks are buying a lot of shirts at the hearland’s favorite retailer — sales have “increased.”

Pants and skirts? Not so much.

Dan said tops are definitely “selling better than bottoms.”

As revealed to Yahoo Finance, he has a theory:

“We’re seeing increased sales in tops, but not bottoms. So people who are, uh, concerned obviously from the waist up.”


On Twitter, evidence abounds:



Felicia’s lovin’ hanging around at home:

And there was this bit of awesomeness:

They’re all correct.

In my opinion, to some degree, business in America is being changed forever. Some people are learning they’ve been commuting — and wearing pants — for nothing.


Of course, as couples stay home together during this time of isolation, there could be another reason not to dress below the waist.

Are sparks flyin’ all over town?

There’s a good chance.

Around New Year’s, 2021, Walmart may see another surge in shirt sales — baby-sized.

How’s the quarantine affecting your work (and play)? Are you wearing unnecessary pants right now (I may not be)?

Let us all know in the Comments section.



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