One Crisis, and Now Another? Amid Wuhan Mania, Gun Sales Are Skyrocketing

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In this Saturday, June 29, 2019, photo, Cindy Bullock, Timpanogos Academy secretary, participates in shooting drills at the Utah County Sheriff’s Office shooting range during the teacher’s academy training, in Spanish Fork Canyon, Utah. About 30 teachers in Utah are spending their summer learning how to stuff wounds and shoot guns as part of a training held by police to prepare educators for an active shooter scenario in their schools. (AP Photo/ Rick Bowmer)




Amid CoronaMania, sales of guns, ammo, and survival gear have surged.

This, according to The Sacramento Bee.

So have we finally reached the end? The Big One? Armageddon?

Of course not — that already happened when the Republican tax bill passed:

Nevertheless, as reported by Seattle’s KIRO7:

Face masks, disinfectant and paper products are not the only items flying off retailer shelves, sales of survival gear like ready-to-eat meals, guns and ammunition have increased as consumers get ready to deal with the spreading coronavirus.

Sounds like Y2K.

As for those meals ready to eat (MRE’s), people are snatchin’ ’em up like crazy.

Speaking to KTVU, Raymond Prather — owner of Vallejo, California’s Victory Stores — said they’re selling like non-spoilable hotcakes.

“We’re bringing pallets (of MREs) up all the time now, and even our supplier in Southern California is having trouble keeping them in stock.”

People need their fuel to stay vigilant, and their arms in order to stay safe; therefore, over the last month, Widener’s Reloading and Shooting Supply sold twice as much ammo as the same period in 2019.


Widener’s Jacob Long explained to American Rifleman it’s all about being prepared:

“It’s clear our customers want to be prepared in a worst-case scenario. For a lot of our families, a disaster plan includes having ammo on hand.”

Even in liberal California, firearms are flyin’ off the shelves.

As noted by Oakland’s Fox2, guns and ammunition sales have shot up to fives times the normal rate.

Sportsman’s Arms owner Gabriel Vaughn informed the station that he sold 12 handguns in two hours:

“Any time people are uneasy, sales go up, and it’s always the same, guns and ammo.”

But it isn’t just the customers who are uncomfortable: The sickness has made people so afraid, they’re buying guns; but some gun sellers are freaked about by all the customers because of the sickness.

David Liu — owner of Arcadia Firearm & Safety — told LA’s KCAL he’s equipped his store with hand sanitizer.

And he’s asked sick people to not come in.

Well, one thing’s for sure: In a time such as this, you definitely want to be armed.

You’re gonna need to be locked and loaded like Rambo — in the fight for toilet paper.




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