White House Hammers Hillary After Her Talk Show Taunt of Melania: 'Her Bitterness and Envy Were on Full Display'

White House Hammers Hillary After Her Talk Show Taunt of Melania: 'Her Bitterness and Envy Were on Full Display'
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Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton waves to well-wishers following an appearance at Barnard College with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, Monday, Jan. 7, 2019, in New York, where the pair called for codifying abortion rights into New York State law. The two Democrats shared the stage Monday where members of the state Legislature and women’s rights advocates cheered Clinton as she said the struggle for women’s equality “continues to be the fight of our lifetime.” (AP Photo/Kathy Willens)



On Saturday, the White House responded to Hillary Clinton’s jab at Melania Trump.

Promoting her Hulu Documentary on Thursday’s episode of Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live, the former First Lady slammed the current one.

If you weren’t aware, Melania promotes Be Best, an organization aimed to stop bullying.

Here she is, in May of 2018:

On WWHL, Hillary suggested that, if Melania’s serious about combating cyberbullying, she “should look closer to home.”

In response, White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham had this to tell The Daily Caller:

“She of all people should refrain from doling out relationship advice. Her bitterness and envy were on full display.”

Hillary seems to still hold a rootin’ tootin’ interest in Trump, as she continues — nearly four years after the election — to talk about him.

Here’s more from Clinton during the Bravo program:

“I think he’s hiding a bunch of things. I think he’s hiding that he’s not as wealthy as he claims to be. He has not only not been charitable, but he now is prohibited from having a charitable foundation because he used it for personal and political reasons. I think that he has probably has a lot of funding from suspect sources that would be shown in his tax returns. I think it would just be a cornucopia of information about his claims to the contrary.”

Wait a minute — did Hillary Clinton just accuse someone of using a charitable foundation for personal and political reasons?


Yes she did.

Melania didn’t respond to Hill’s jab.

Instead, on Friday, Mrs. Trump said she’d like to expand Be Best to other issues, such as opioid addiction and safety online.

She explained to a group of lawyers at the National Opioid Summit:

“My initiative is meant to promote the positive actions happening in our communities so they can be replicated throughout the country and across the world. As First Lady of (the) United States, finding solutions to our nation’s drug problem is something I care deeply about. Especially when it comes to its negative effects on children and families. I have traveled to hospitals and rehabilitation centers around the country and have seen the devastating results of drug abuse and addiction, and I was saddened to learn that opioids have affected the lives of nearly 2.2 million children in the United States. While visiting treatment facilities across the country, I have had the opportunity to hold innocent newborns who were suffering from neonatal abstinence syndrome. On average, babies born with this condition will be in the hospital four times longer than a healthy newborn.”

So far as I can tell, that seems a much better use of time than battling it out with your opponent’s wife.

But that’s just me.



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