Surrounded by Enemies: Two Florida Democrats Sue to Remove Bernie from the Ballot

AP Photo/Eric Gay

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., right, with his wife Jane, raises his hand as he speaks during a campaign event in San Antonio, Saturday, Feb. 22, 2020. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)




Bernie Sanders just can’t catch a break.

Except for that part about pummeling his 2020 challengers.

But some Dems have it out for ol’ Bern.

Man — in 2016, they take away the nomination.

And now, two party members in Florida have filed a suit to take the democratic socialist off the ballot.

George Brown and Frank Back — both veterans — filed in Leon County, requesting that a court do somethin’ and how before it’s too late.

As reported by The Associated Press, at the moment, Sanders has twice as many delegates as runner-up Pete Buttigieg.

But George and Frank say the guy shouldn’t even be on that stage.

Here’s how they put it in the filing:

Defendant Sanders is clearly an Independent, and is clearly not a Democrat, by his own definitions. His current “day job” is as a United States Senator and he has consistently, proudly asserted his service in that role as Independent.

For Frank, Bernie’s “eliminating [his] vote as a Democrat.”

“In our political climate today,” George told the AP, “Democrats need to have a voice.”

Don’t get Frank and George wrong — they don’t like that guy in the White House, either.

Korean War vet Frank put it succinctly:

“I’m very upset with the president we have right now.”


In case you didn’t know, Bernie hasn’t officially joined the Democratic Party.

However, last Spring, he and other Demo dreamers signed a pledge, committing to “run and serve as a member” of the party.

At the time, here’s how NPR put it: “Bernie Sanders Files To Run As A Democrat — And An Independent.”

Also last year, Florida’s Democratic Party voted unanimously to put Bernie on the March 17th ballot.

Combine all that, and you have this:

Because Florida has a closed primary, the lawsuit contends, Sanders has no place on the Democratic ballot.

But Florida Democratic Party Executive Director Juan Peñalosa says the suit is a no-go.

And then some:

“The lawsuit is ridiculous. Votes cast for the Senator are valid and must be counted.”

It’s a hard row to hoe being Bernie: He did pretty well last time around, but Hillary reportedly made some master moves from deep within.

Now here he is, triumphing, yet many in the establishment wanna kick him the heck out.


Frank Bach and George Brown are in the Crane position, too.

But the beat goes on, as he beats the competition.

Flames of treachery all around him…but he’s determined that America will feel the Bern.



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