'Shame on You!' CNN Contributor Attacks Black Trumpers: Dems Have 'Spent Their Careers Doing Things' for You

FILE – Oct. 11, 2018 file photo, Rapper Kanye West speaks during a meeting in the Oval Office of the White House with President Donald Trump, in Washington. It’s one of President Donald Trump’s favorite talking points in touting his administration’s success: The record low rate of black unemployment. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci, File)




On Friday, pro-Trump Candace Owens took the stage at CPAC and championed Blexit (here).

But over at CNN the day before, they had their own thing going on.

Network commentator Angela Rye told black fans of The Donald they should be downright ashamed of themselves.

The way she sees it, it seems, the President throws black people crumbs, while Democrats have been providing a feast for years:

“[Y]ou want to give Donald Trump kudos for throwing Cheez-It bits at you, and then criticize the people who have spent their careers doing things for the betterment of black people and black society. And I would just say at that point if you still go over to Donald Trump after that: Shame on you. Period.”

Meanwhile, the Commander-in-Chief has launched an initiative to connect further with black Americans.

As pointed out by host Don Lemon, Trump campaign senior advisor Katrina Pierson had called the outreach “a woke concept.”

When asked about it, Angela served up a slumber-centric zinger:

“I think that I’m ‘sleep.’ And I think that the good news is that a number of us have kind of stopped saying ‘woke,’ so welcome to the party, y’all. But now we’re asleep on that.”


The CEO of political advocacy firm IMPACT Strategies asserted that black voters need to take a look “in the mirror” and ask themselves if they wanna support folks like Katrina:

“Like, who the hell are these people, right?”

To Angela, when it comes to helping black people, Trump stinks:

“Donald Trump does not have a tremendous record to stand on as it relates to criminal justice reform. He has one bill passed. And a strategy that has not served black and brown people for years from before his election, right?”

She also claimed the President has a weak record with regard to black unemployment:

“I think Donald Trump does not have a strong record to stand on as it relates to black unemployment. He has Barack Obama’s record to stand on with that.”



I guess she was referring to this, as relayed by everyone’s favorite ex-prez, “Ronald ‘Racist’ Reagan (666)”:


Tweeter Christian Lamar sees it differently:

Back to Katrina, she responded to Angela online:

“When people get too far out of line – the Overseers are usually replaced by the Divers. Democrats are losing control of the black vote – so expect more of this crazy. @BlackVoices4DJT is here because @realDonaldTrump is #winning 4 us”


The political landscape is definitely changing — word on the street is, Democrats used to assume they’d get the vote of black Americans just ’cause.

But, as has been pointed out many times before, black people are not a monolith.

And, it appears to me, though we’re certainly still neck-deep in partisanship (impeachment, anyone?), things are less rigid — or, dare I say, black and white — than before. All bets are off, and people are switching sides like salmon leaping through the air in an upstream effort of unpredicted affiliation. Heck, the Democratic Party appears to be breaking up from itself — we’ve got overt socialists rising up from the D(eep).

What about the B — the black American citizenry? Will they give Trump a giant thumbs-up this time around?

I’m betting Yes.

Tim Scott’s made his wager, too:

What’s your money on?



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