Somehow, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Preaches a Sermon Against Religion

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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., attends a House Oversight Committee hearing on high prescription drugs prices shortly after her private meeting with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., on Capitol Hill in Washington, Friday, July 26, 2019. The high-profile freshman and the veteran Pelosi have been critical of one another recently. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)




Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a woman of faith, and she took to the pulpit Thursday — to speak, it appeared, against religious liberty.

During a House Oversight Committee hearing on “The Administration’s Religious Liberty Assault on LGBTQ Rights,” she had lots to say.

That included puttin’ it to conservative Christians and comparing them to…

…I want you to brace yourself for this. It’s something she’s never done before. Nor has anyone. Sit down if possible…

…she compared them to white supremacists.

Yes — white supremacists.

It’s a whole new ballgame.

Collect yourself; I’ll wait.

As per AOC, Christians are using the First Amendment to push “bigotry and discrimination.”

She couldn’t decided whether to get into the mix as a religious person or as one who makes laws:

“I am experiencing this hearing, and I’m struggling whether I respond or launch into this question as a legislator or from the perspective of a woman of faith.”

The woman of faith didn’t wanna hear people quoting scripture — folks use the Bible to support all kinds of things:

“It’s very difficult to sit here and listen to arguments in the long history of this country of using scripture and weaponizing and abusing scripture to justify bigotry.

bigotry = Intolerance for an opposing view.

Anyway, let’s get to that comparison:


“White supremacists have done it, those who justified slavery did it, those who fought against integration did it, and we’re seeing it today.”

She’s not wrong about people using the Good Book to promote a variety of things.

You’re familiar with the pro-life movement’s Christian component; but there’s also this:

Faith Leaders Plan Gathering to Bless Ohio Abortion Clinic

And this:


Those red and black letters apparently leave a plethora of impressions.

Speaking of, AOC schooled the room on Jesus:

“And sometimes, especially in this body, I feel as though if Christ himself walked through these doors and said what he said thousands of years ago, that we should love our neighbor and our enemy, that we should welcome the stranger, fight for the least of us, that it is easier for a rich man — it’s easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to get into a kingdom of heaven, he would be maligned as a radical and rejected from these doors.”

Well, that chamber would certainly have reason to be concerned about the “rich” part.

Alexandria pounded on the table:

“There is nothing holy about turning someone away from a hospital. There’s nothing holy about about rejecting a child from a family. There’s nothing holy about writing discrimination into the law.”


That sounds good, but what are we talking about?

I could be wrong, but it seems as if she’s not for religious liberty if it involves a rigid position of supporting some things and not others:

“And I am tired of communities of being of faith being weaponized and being mischaracterized because the only time religious freedom is invoked is in the name of bigotry and discrimination. I’m tired of it.”

The lady who didn’t wanna listen to scripture passed along some stuff from scripture:

“I just have to get that out ahead of time, because it is deeply disturbing not just what is happening here, but what this administration is advancing is the idea that religion and faith is about exclusion. It is not up to us, it is not up to us to deny medical care; it is up to us to feed the hungry to clothe the poor to protect children and to love all people as ourselves.”

I don’t know where she was going there, but feeding the hungry and clothing the poor are certainly all good things.

And she — more than the average person — is capable of doing them each day.

But where does all that leave us with the law part of things?

Regardless, could this be a new AOC? Minister Ocasio-Cortez?

Preaching against certain kinds of religious liberty?

There’s a sense to her ecclesiastical stance — she doesn’t shy away from speaking with authority on things. Why would religion be different?


But as for rigid positions, it strikes me that that’s essentially the very idea of religion.

In fact, she’s taking a rigid position on rigid positions.

But everyone deserves liberty — including, of course, members of the gay community.

Hopefully, they’ll get it all sorted out. Surely they will. After all, it’s Washington.



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