A Disturbing Video Shows Adults Cheering as a Drag Queen Dances Like a Stripper for a Very Little Girl

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Opponents of a proposal to makes changes to the sex education guidance for teachers, rallied at the Capitol Wednesday, May 8, 2019, in Sacramento, Calif. The California State Board of Education is set to vote Wednesday on new guidance for teaching sex education in public schools. The guidance is not mandatory but it gives teachers ideas about how to teach a wide range of health topic including speaking to children about gender identity. (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli)




On Friday, Matt Wash shared to Twitter a video from The Reality Report.

And…what the heck?

The TikTok clip captures a drag queen dancing sexually for a very little girl.

I’m not sure of the circumstances, but I know we’ve taken a wrong turn somewhere, culturally, in order to end up in that room.

The dancer — whose shorts are cut out to show his butt — crawls up to the little girl on all fours.

He hands her something, gets up, turns around, and struts his cheeky stuff away.

She looks a bit wowed.

Then the guy does some fancy footwork as he walks his way back to her, kneels down, and kisses her face (Warning: You may find the video distressing).

What’s further perplexing is the response of a large group of cheering adults.

They’re lovin’ it.

A lady nearby is dancing along.

What the heck is this?

The problem, as I see it: A very young little girl is being treated to what looks like a dance at a strip club.

The impression is unmistakably sexual.


Matt had a couple thoughts, which he expressed online via The Daily Wire:

[T]his is obviously child abuse. … Children…do not and cannot consent to being exposed to this, much less participating in it…


The second thing that immediately jumps out when you watch the video is the row of men (again, term used loosely) sitting in the background with big, stupid smiles on their faces. The story of the proliferation of child sexual abuse and exploitation is, in many ways, a story of henpecked, emasculated men abdicating their roles as fathers and husbands. The man who not only tolerates but applaud this level of degeneracy is a sort of moral eunuch, having failed so utterly in his masculine duties. … These men haven’t the spine or the wherewithal to protect their children’s dignity and their own.

Twitter had a lot to say, too:




I don’t have anything more to write. Or, I have too much to write.

But suffice it to say that putting a little girl in what is a very sexualized situation is very disturbing.

I want to hear from you — what do you take away from the clip? I look forward to finding out in the Comments section.



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