Did Twitter Suspend a Guy for Typing Only Two Words? Reportedly, Yes, and It's Amazing. Is Anyone Safe?

(Rachel Leathe /Bozeman Daily Chronicle via AP)

In this Oct. 17 2018 photo actor Jeff Bridges smiles during an appearance at Montana State University in Bozeman, Mont., where Bridges urged the crowd to vote for Democratic U.S. Sen. Jon Tester. The actor, known for his portrayal of a character nicknamed “The Dude” in “The Big Lebowski,” is arguably the biggest name to appear on Tester’s behalf this election season as the candidate seeks to distance himself from the Democratic Party mainstream. (Rachel Leathe /Bozeman Daily Chronicle via AP)


On Wednesday night, a British rapper allegedly got kicked off Twitter for typing two words.

[More on that “allegedly” thing: Keep in mind the tweet was deleted, so we’re going off screenshots and third-party reporting. Moving on…]

Zuby, a rapper, author, and podcaster was responding to tweeter Emily Gorcenski.

Emily — a man identifying as a woman — bragged to Zuby about having had sex with more women than he.

Zuby simply replied:

“Ok, dude.”



Here’s what blue-checked Robby Starbuck relayed:

Emily isn’t just another schlub on social media. His Twitter handle is “Pronoun Enforcer.”

He posted evidence of his complaint, along with “I’m enforcin,” and “Lol misogynist down. Pronouns enforced.”

I have no idea of his attitude toward men competing against women in sports, but Emily may not have been a fan of Zuby before their exchange.


You may remember, in fact, that Zuby got some attention last year when he broke female weightlifting records while identifying as female:

The feat got him coverage by The Sun and over a million views by the time their article was published.

And this was Joe Rogan’s response (Language Warning):

As for Emily, he’s blazed a trail himself. As reported by The Daily Wire, in 2018, Bitch Media put him on their Bitch 50 list.

One reason: He was in the midst in Charlotte and was purportedly maced:

Charlottesville resident Emily Gorcenski was horrified when, in the summer of 2017, she learned that white supremacists were planning to overtake her city. And in the course of protesting ultimately tragic Unite the Right rally, she was pepper-sprayed by one of its speakers (who would later serve three months in prison for it). But Gorcenski’s expertise as a data scientist armed her with a powerful weapon against the alt-right: Along with other activists, she created First Vigil, a public database used to track the criminal activity of white nationalists. Journalists can use the database for research on significant court cases, and it’s a crucial tool for anyone seeking a broader look at an increasingly widespread hate movement.


And here’s a post from the year before:

So what will become of Zuby?

He told TDW he won’t be defeated:

“I will be back soon.”

I’m of the opinion that the social media world is big enough for opposing viewpoints — I think there’s room for both Zuby and Emily.

But Twitter doesn’t seem to agree.

Then again, perhaps I’m wrong about the whole thing — maybe “dude” wasn’t the problem at any point.

After all, as we all know, there is another hideousness lurking. And it’s at the tips of everyone’s fingers.




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