Chris Matthews Compared Bernie to Hitler, but Karma Outdid Him

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., raises a fist as he arrives for a breakfast meeting with Al Sharpton at Sylvia’s Restaurant, Wednesday, Feb. 10, 2016, in the Harlem neighborhood of New York. Sanders defeated former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Tuesday in the New Hampshire primary. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)




As covered by RedState’s T. LaDuke Sunday, MSNBC host Chris Matthews recently got a nifty idea: Compare 2020 hopeful Bernie Sanders’s primary rise to when the Nazis took France.

Here he goes:

Well, at least they support the same economic system.

Still, perhaps not Sanders’s most desired comparison.

And — as far as LaDuke’s concerned — not the most surprising from MSNBC:

[I]’m just not all that flabbergasted and was not willing to join the #FireChrisMatthews twitter rage yesterday. … The left ALWAYS falls back on everything Nazi.

It’s an interesting point.

Either way, here’s some big news: Chris has said he’s sorry.

On Monday, the host began his show with a mea culpa, noting the deserving merits of Bern:

“Senator Sanders, I’m sorry for comparing anything from that tragic error in which so many suffered, especially the Jewish people, to an electoral result in which you were the well-deserved winner.”

Matthews is gettin’ elevated:

“This is going to be a hard-fought heated campaign of ideas. In the days and weeks and months ahead, I will strive to do a better job myself of elevating the political discussion.”

Awesome: a new era in which all cable news people who insult politicians — particularly where Hitler is concerned — will offer thorough apologies.

Can’t wait.

And just so you know, Chris wasn’t trying to say nothin’; he was just reaching into his bag of tricks and pulled out the wrong one:


“I reached for a historical analogy, and used a bad one.”

You don’t say?

A call for Chris to apologize came hours earlier from a place surely surprising to some: Fox News.

Host Howard Kurtz served up the following:

“Chris Matthews should apologize to Bernie Sanders. I don’t know what he’s waiting for. MSNBC should disavow the remarks, and what horrible thing did Sanders do to warrant this analogy? He clobbered everybody else fair and square.”

Howard was surprised:

“You would think that Bernie Sanders and MSNBC with all its liberal hosts and commentators would be a marriage made in political heaven. It’s fine if you want to take him on on policy, or his heart attack, or anything else, but stay away from German tanks rolling into Paris in 1940.”

As reported by Mediaite, Kurtz suggested everyone “stay away” from Nazi analogies.

Not bad.

And now it’s all good — Chris felt bad about everything and set it all straight.

Or maybe he just caved to the pressure:


Here’s a state socialist from Maine:

I’m guessing this guy’s no fan of Bloomberg:

Whatever your feelings about Matthews, know that turnabout was fair play. Sure, Bernie was positioned as Adolf; but Chris got compared to someone far, far worse:




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