A Female Athlete Explains Her Lawsuit Over Transgender Competition: 'I’m Hoping for Track Just to Become Fair Again'

Image courtesy of Pexels from Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pexels from Pixabay



Alanna Smith just wants to race girls.

But that’s no longer in the cards in Connecticut, as the state allows men to run with the women in track meets if they identify as female.


Therefore, the 16-year-old — along with two other teens — filed a lawsuit on February 13th.

See more about that in RedState writer Brandon Morse’s coverage in “Families Unite to Prevent Transgender Athletes From Competing in Girl’s Sports.”

Along with attorney Christiana Holcomb, Alanna spoke to The Daily Caller about the suit.

Christiana said dudes who wanna compete aren’t made to undergo any kind of anything to work against their male privilege of being bigger, faster, and stronger:

“The policy in Connecticut doesn’t even require any sort of treatment or therapy or whatever to compete in the girls category. They can do so without limitation. “

Plus there’s this:

“[I] think both science and common sense tell us that you can never fully undo the physical advantages that males have over females.”

Mixed martial arts man Joe Rogan would agree; here’s what he offered last May:

“There’s a reason why we make the distinction to have male athletics vs. female athletics. The reason is that males have a physiological advantage over women. … [I]f you’re a women, and you’re a natural woman, and you don’t take any extra hormones or male hormones, you’re not taking steroids or any sort of performance-enhancing drugs, you’re doing your very best to compete and you’re at the top of the heap, and someone comes along and they were a man for 30 years, and decides they’re going to be a woman…and competes as a woman and destroys records and dominates you in that sport, that’s bull****. … That’s a person who is biologically a male, and who was a male for 30+ years of having testosterone run through their body and affect their tendon strength, and affect the shape of their bones and the mechanical advantages of the male hips vs. the female hips, and then they’re competing with smaller people who have been a woman their whole life. It’s not fair. It is as much cheating as taking steroids when the other person doesn’t or taking performance-enhancing drugs when the other person doesn’t. Maybe even more so. Maybe even more so, because you also have — there’s a bunch of advantages in terms of reaction time that males enjoy. It’s some significant difference in reaction time between males and even untrained males vs. female professional athletes.”


The suit mentions by name two guys in particular who are running track with the gals.

For Alanna, knowing she’s up against the men is discouraging.

From TDC:

She noted that it feels like she has “already lost” even before the race, adding that she has had to compete against two transgender athletes in particular.

Alanna’s jonesin’ for a return to what she considers fair:

“I’m hoping for track just to become fair again, because it’s a sport that I love to do, and I just hope that we can have a level playing field.”

Personally, I’m a big believer in presenting oneself however one sees fit. Let all your flags fly; be whoever you want to be.

Alanna Smith and fellow filers Selina Soule and Chelsea Mitchell wanna be girls competing only with girls. Given that, someone’s not gonna get want they want.

The trio have their work cut out for them; watch a girl with a five-second lead get passed by four guys in 50 seconds:

And here’s a bit on Selina, who was edged out by two biological males — Terry Miller and Andraya Yearwood:

As per Time, Terry and Andraya are on a roll:

The two seniors have combined to win 15 girls state indoor or outdoor championship races since 2017, according to the lawsuit.

It’s a hot topic; surely more is to come.



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