Bend It Like Beckham? Soccer Player Receives a Half-Decade Suspension for Savagely Biting His Cupless Opponent

Image courtesy of Pexels from Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pexels from Pixabay



If you’re a soccer player and a guy, you should always wear a cup — the potential for treachery is obvious.


You may not get hit with the ball, and you might not get kicked in the crotch. But there’s clearly that gargoyle of potential, perched near your privates, for what we’re all thinking: Someone may bite you on the penis.

A player for SC Terville got a reminder of such last year during a team dispute with AS Soetrich in France.

According to, the amateur athlete was out on the field trying to bully the ball when his fellow Terviller got into an argument with a guy from the other side. He stepped into the fight to try and make peace.

But apparently the AS Soetrich dude didn’t appreciate it and found him in the parking lot afterward.

Do they serve hotdogs at French matches?

Perhaps there’s an appetite for it.

Mr. AS Soetrich was clearly hangry:

During the altercation, the Soetrich player managed to bite the victim’s genitals so hard that he was sent to the hospital and required at least 10 stitches to close up his injuries.

As reported by ESPN, he had to take four days off from work.

The incident occurred in November, but a disciplinary committee just recently made their determination.

The victim himself was banned until June for aggression against his opponent.

As for the guy who hankered for a Ball Park Frank, he was suspended from the league for five years.

The committee took its time:


“Witness accounts, in particular, were gathered in order to retrace the facts as accurately as possible,” Emmanuel Saling, director general for the local soccer governing body, told French media outlet Lorraine Actu. “All of that before returning the conclusions over to the disciplinary committee.”

“It’s quite rare to have sanctions of several years, there are less than 10 per year,” Saling added. “The case was a bit saucy, but … there must have been some nasty tension, so the smiles on the disciplinary committee quickly faded.”

As per the New York Post, Terville “was also fined 200 euros and received a two-point deduction in the league.”

For legal reasons, the men’s names weren’t released by local media.

But I’m guessing AS stands for Absolutely Starving and SC for Savagely Chewed.



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