Ahead of the Democratic Debate, a Vegas Trump Group Released Pigeons Wearing MAGA Hats - and One Sporting a Tiny Donald Trump Wig

Image courtesy of MabelAmber from Pixabay

Image courtesy of MabelAmber from Pixabay



To anyone who thinks politics is for the birds, this story is for you.

In Las Vegas Tuesday, ahead of Wednesday’s Democratic debate, a Trump booster group released into the air a bundle of tiny MAGA hats stuck on the heads of pigeons.


Hilariously, the group responsible is “Pigeons United To Interfere Now.”

That would be, PUTIN.

Their leader calls himself “Coo Hand Luke.”


The bird bunch’s attitude toward satire? It ain’t fowl.

St. Louis’s KMOV4 reports:

The group said its mission was inspired by the 1970’s Cold War Operation Tacana in which “the CIA explored the use of pigeons equipped with tiny cameras to spy on Soviet sites of interest.”

PUTIN called the dove display an “aerial protest.”

As per a press release, the ornithological escapade “was the result of months of exhaustive research, logistical hurdles and pigeon care taking.”

Right — before you rush to judgement on the exploitation of the beaked, rest assured that Coo Hand’s peeps actually kinda rescued the patriotic pigeons:

“We wash them with Dove (detergent) and get the grease off that usually accumulates from being underneath cars or near grease traps at restaurants while they’re looking for food. A lot of the time they are found with stringfoot, and we nurse them back to health. A lot of them are malnourished, and we feed them a variety of seeds.”


And don’t fret over that adhesive — it’s eyelash glue, so the hats will fall off in a couple days.

The flock’s airing — which was performed in honor of the President’s arrival Tuesday night — included one lucky right-winger with a tiny wig that resembled Donald Trump’s hair.

What a great sight for all who watched with wonder.

Great, that is, with the exception of the obvious downside to standing beneath a whole lot of birds flyin’ ’round: Surely courtesy of the airborne from PUTIN, there was also crappin’.


*BONUS* Wanna give your anti-Trump friends nightmares? Here ya go:


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