Desperately Determined: Lagging Behind, Elizabeth Warren Tries to Sell Bernie's 'Foundation of Hate'

Elizabeth Warren

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., speaks during a campaign event, Monday, Jan. 20, 2020, in Grimes, Iowa. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)




Bernie and Beth — Who ya got?!

The brawl’s been in the open, since around this defining moment:

And things haven’t gotten any better.

Case in point: On Tuesday, Warren slammed “Bernie Bros” for their treatment of the Nevada Culinary Union, which refused to endorse a Democratic candidate last week.

Elizabeth — who’s not doing especially well in the primaries and really needs to snag Nevada on the 22nd — claimed Bern’s peeps are downright hateful.

My advice: Accusing your electoral competition of hate is radically lame. How about prove you’re a better candidate?

Another really, really absurd tactic: Trying to out-poor everyone else.

Like this:

Here’s “Po'”-cahontas:

“I’ve said before that we are all responsible for what our supporters do…”


How can a candidate be responsible for the actions of any supporters?


“I’ve said before that we are all responsible for what our supporters do, and I think Bernie has a lot of questions to answer here. I am particularly worried about what happened in the attacks on members of the culinary union, particularly on the women in leadership.”

Bernie’s “responsible” for hate:

“The whole notion of publishing their personal addresses, their phone numbers, and then making very aggressive threats against their own safety and the safety of their families. That is not how we build an inclusive Democratic Party. We do not build on a foundation of hate.”

Where it concerns the slam on Sanders, The Daily Wire pointed out some goofiness:

Those are strong words from the Massachusetts Senator who, up until last month, when she began sinking in the polls in earnest, had tried to forge a bridge between her own campaign and Sanders’.

Of course, in January, Elizabeth ratted out her former friend, claiming he’d once told her a woman couldn’t win the White House — though he was allegedly talking about her, specifically, and 2020.

So does Bernie believe he’s responsible for the actions of those who endorse him?

Heck, no:


But it appears Liz is trying to punish him for something he didn’t do.

Nearing to November, we’ll no doubt see more ridiculousness as a panel of Democrats try to eat one another alive.

It’s always hilarious to watch.

Whether or not Elizabeth takes Nevada, I hope she stays in.

When it comes to one party trying to overthrow the incumbent other, the infightin’s half the fun.

And remember: Anything anyone who supports her does is her fault.

Stay tuned for much more silliness.



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