Jane Fonda Schools You All on How to Wear Your Privilege By...Well, You Just Have to See It

Image courtesy of KELLEPICS from Pixabay

Image courtesy of KELLEPICS from Pixabay



For most of you out there, I know it’s hard — what do you do with your time?

Your two personal assistants pick up your dry cleaning, buy your groceries, and pay your bills.


Your house manager oversees the grass cutting, lightbulb changing, and maintenance to the pool and jacuzzi.

Your housekeeper makes sure the place stays orderly, including your growing collection of antiques filling up one of your guest house’s spare rooms.

Your money manager oversees your finances, including your thirteen investments and seven accounts.

Your car service takes care of transpo…

Your private chef prepares your meals, and the dog walker wrangles your furry friends.

Still, where does all the time go? And what should you do with the extras?

You’ve got the wine tasting Saturday night…the charity ball in three weeks…

The biweekly massage…

But otherwise, you’ve got an empty calendar slot or twenty-three.

Maybe you’ll jet over to the Capitol, get arrested. Can the limousine pick you up at 11? Is the Presidential Suite at the Four Seasons available?

Text PA#1; they’ll arrange for bail. Where’s PA#2? They have your phone…

Wait! There’s something more important.

Let everyone out there know what they should be doing with their diamonds.

The Smiths and Joneses of the world are probably being completely unethical with their ice. All their gold, too.

Together, we can make a difference:



Twitter responded:


Can’t argue with this one:




A certain ginger libertarian one-upped her:

Someone did their homework and blew me away:


Oh well; you can’t win ’em all.

At least there’s this bit of leadership by example:



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