Is Union Our State? Chris Cuomo Shocks the Viewerverse With His Take on the SOTU

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[Screenshot from TheDC Shorts,]



In a move that’s surely stunned many (including me), CNN’s Chris Cuomo has praised Donald Trump’s State of the Union address.


Chris isn’t exactly known for siding with things Red; here are a few of his past comments:

From my November 10th, 2018 coverage:

“’First, I would like to offer my thoughts and prayers.’ Because that’s what you do when you offer, thoughts and prayers. You mock those who lost loved ones, because if you gave it any thought at all, you would never walk away from any of these without figuring out a better way to deal with them. And prayer — you think leaving it to God is the answer? ‘We pray for strength; we pray for wisdom; for resolve.’ But we clearly don’t want to act on any of those here. So what are you praying for?”

And spotlighted August 3rd:

“We’re missing the point of what the problem is with the President’s pattern of pounding people of color and the places they live. Here it is, his best defense: ‘I’m the least racist person there is in the world, as far as I’m concerned.’ First, this really matters: The ‘least racist’ doesn’t mean not racist.”

“Last night…the only African-American Republican member of the House — think about that when you’re wondering why the party’s so quiet, think about that — he said, ‘I’m not seeking re-election.’ So now what about all the non-white members of the Congress on the Republican side? How long do they believe they can stay quiet…or pretend that this is not about politics of division? What you ignore, you empower. And what you condone, you own. But too many…stop the damage at those who are being maligned, and those who should stand up against it — like I just did.”


See a good deal more from that one here.

But Wednesday appeared to see a very different Chris. In fact, he said Tuesday evening’s megaspeech “celebrated what the country is about.”

He even encouraged his viewers to lend their ears to the words of Donald John Trump:

“Those were some really poignant moments. I don’t know if you saw them, but you should go online and look.”


Sounds like POTUS did it up right:

“The President in that speech tonight celebrated what the country is about from one set of moments, our diversity, how we overcome, how we come together.”

Chris entertained an eyebrow-raising possibility — that the President might be good:

“Is that what he’s really about and something for them to use as a sword and shield? I don’t know. Here’s one thing I know. This country is not just a sum of the actions of its politicians.”

As noted by The Daily Caller, in Tuesday night’s address, there were some grand descriptions of the nation:

“This is our glorious and magnificent inheritance. America’s the place where anything can happen. … This nation is our canvas and this country is our masterpiece. We look at tomorrow and see unlimited frontiers just waiting to be explored. Our brightest discoveries are not yet known. Our most thrilling stories are not yet told. Our grandest journeys are not yet made.”

I believe those words are true.

Nancy Pelosi didn’t seem to. #RipGate

And there was Chuck’s response:


But apparently, Chris Cuomo was moved.

And — like him — perhaps other frequent critics of the President saw something good in the man, or at least in the country that elected him — a “place where anyone can rise, and here on this land, on the soil, on this continent, the most incredible dreams come true.”

They certainly can. And do.



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