Everybody's a Critic: Geraldo Says He's Hated Most of All for His Half-Century Triggering Team-Up With Trump

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Some people don’t much like Geraldo.

He’s also sometimes the recipient of ridicule — over his broken nose or Al Capone’s empty vault. Or perceived goofiness, perhaps due to some of his political positions and his fervor for arguing them.


But the most flak he gets, according to the man himself, is for being friends with that Great Satan, Donald J. Trump.

They’ve been friends for a long time, by the way.

Here’s how the mustached media man told it to The Fox News Rundown’s Lisa Brady:

“When I think of the brawl with the skinheads and the Al Capone’s vaults and those kinds of things, they pale in comparison to the criticism I get for being Donald Trump’s friend.”

Some things are just too much; everybody’s got their limits.

“They could take me being, you know, burlesque, but they can’t take the fact that…he’s been my friend for 50 years.”

If you’d love to know, Geraldo’s currently promoting his new Fox Nation documentary series, I Am Geraldo: 50 Years.

Here’s a shock: Geraldo is friends with Trump…even though they disagree.

Yes — disagree.

It’s old school — not long ago, politics didn’t severely separate people.

Rivera’s keepin’ it retro:

“I disagree with him on choice. I disagree with him on immigration reform. I disagree with him on gun control. And I passionately disagree with him, his vision of the Middle East. He’s siding with the Saudis. And by siding with them and attacking Iran, we’ve […] caused untold suffering in the Middle East. And the President was dead wrong to do that.”


As it turns out, when it comes to war, Geraldo’s Team Tucker:

“And I absolutely agree with Tucker Carlson that this is a, it’s a military-industrial complex. They got it all wrong. They’ve gotten the President’s attention. And it’s a bad formula. And I hope that he listens to me. And I told him in no uncertain terms that’s how I feel about it.”

He may listen to him — as I covered Wednesday, Attorney General Bill Barr’s revealed the shocking news that the President’s a listener.

Man, if only people could be friends despite their differences and everyone would listen to each other, we could really have quite a place here.

Life’s too short to be separated by our opinions. At the end of the day, we’re all just trying to figure out the world. But anyone who hasn’t figured out that who we vote for shouldn’t be a dealbreaker among loved ones hasn’t figured out much.

And, I guess, a bunch of those people are mad at Geraldo.

But that’s tough; he’s his own man:

“I’m going to stay as friends. I don’t care what you say.”

Good goin’, Big G.

Besides, Trump can’t be that bad; he was good enough for A.J. Soprano. Although Tony wasn’t too psyched:




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