Rebirth of a Nation? Forget Washington - A Group of Homeless People Have Formed Their Own Government

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay



Ever think we need to hit the Reset button on society? Just start over from scratch?

Well, I’ve got some good news: It’s happened.


Right here:

In an abandoned, state-owned parking lot in Austin, a group of homeless people have formed their own government.

Finally! It’s like Planet of the Apes — civilization has crumbled, but order will be made of chaos.

The revolution occurred earlier this month, and as per a spokesperson for the camp (via Fox News), they’ve already created a committee and held a pair of town meetings.

[Someone should tell them: The employment of committees is poised to return them to ruin.]

Nonetheless, they’re on the move. Just ask Cori Roberts, the town’s/state’s/country’s secretary:

“We have donation and volunteer recruiters, we have maintenance and general labor recruiters, we have the web designer, and the media outreach, we have security, and then we have the treasurer/donation organizer.”

A web designer!

The committee’s officially named the New World: “Camp RATT.”

To my disappointment, that’s not a reference to the 80’s rock group (which cranked out the fantastic “Back for More”); it stands for “Responsible Adult Transition Town.”

They’ve also got a slogan, it would seem — Cori says it’s all about “For the homeless, run by the homeless.”

The parking lot was given to those without a roof in November.

Gov. Greg Abbott bestowed it so they’d have a place to hang their hats.


As told to the Texas Tribune by an Abbott spokesperson, the 5-acre property includes “portable restrooms, hand washing stations, and comes with commitments from local charities to deliver food multiple times a day.” Furthermore, the acreage “will provide access to healthcare providers and homeless case workers to provide care for the homeless.”

The new government’s committee’s got some nifty plans for improvement — of the shower situation, for one. It’s currently comprised of two metal stalls and a water hose.

Who knows what February holds — a pickup truck swimming pool? A drinking-straw-powered jacuzzi? I’m a big believer in the DIY life.

Honestly, this could all be a return to a simpler, more beautiful time. Community. Sitting on the front porch to watch the sunset. A Saturday neighborhood barbeque.

Add some fireflies, and we’ve got a really sweet piece of Americana.

Cori says come on out:

“Don’t be afraid to come out here. If you’ve got nowhere to live, you want the laws to leave you alone for being under a bridge, come out here. It’s safe. There’s not really any violence out here. We’re all a big family, a town.”

The group’s coming up. Forget all that big government bull; at Camp RATT, you’ll be heard. You matter:

“It’s important because we actually have a voice, we actually have a hand that we are actually putting forth to make our lives a little bit better. A lot of us have high school diplomas, we have college degrees, we’ve been in the workforce field, we’ve been general managers.”


I love it.

As noted by The Daily Wire, Austin certainly has enough transient folks to start a considerable commune:

According to ECHO, an advocacy group that focuses on homelessness in Austin, Texas, and the surrounding area, approximately 2,255 people in the city were homeless on any given night in 2018. But since this figure is for a city with over 950,000 people, the problem isn’t as drastic as it is in other places, such as Los Angeles.

Perhaps a hundred years from now, the history books will look back at the 2nd birth of America — and it all started in that parking lot.

Just when you thought the American Revolution was over, suddenly we’re:



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