Don vs. Don: Trump Jr. Skewers Lemon Like Jerky for His Jerky Ridicule of Trump Supporters: We'll See Who's Laughing Soon

[Screenshot from Donald Trump Jr via Twitter,]

[Screenshot from Donald Trump Jr via Twitter,]



Did you see the Rick Wilson/Don Lemon dusting of Trump supporters?


Holy moley, here it is:

Is “southern” interchangeable with “dumb”?

It appears to me that one of the Democrats’ biggest problems is not taking half the country seriously. The same goes for half the politicians — the narrative seems to go that there are these racist, brainless idiots walking around that we’re mostly never near, and those mysterious rubes take moronic sides of the issues. Hence, the Republican Party exists to simply “play to the base.”

What if, instead, there were normal human beings walking around who believe something different than liberalism, and some of them hold political office?

If the Dems saw it that way instead, I believe they’d do much better.

But them don’t look like they’s fixin’ to a do those.

Back to Lemon, on Tuesday, Don Jr. got sour on CNN’s disparagement of conservative Americans.

The Republican city slicker socked it to the media and Dems hoping for a 2020 left-wing triumph. The televised trio may’ve been overcome with laughter, but the tables are ’bout to turn:


“These media hacks don’t just hate the President, they hate the Americans who support him. No wonder their ratings are so low, they find it funny to mock regular, everyday Americans. November is coming, & those Americans will once again have the last laugh.”

DTJ’s sis Ivanka also got in on it.

“You consistently make fun of half the country and then complain that it is divided. The arrogance, mocking accents and smug ridicule of this nation’s ‘Real Elites’ is disgusting.”

About division, she makes a really, really excellent point.

And as pointed out by The Daily Wire, Lemon seemed to take a very different approach with regard to hijinks not long ago:


Not so hilarious?

Funny how things change.



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