Jim Acosta Gets Dusted Big Time by Ivanka Trump, and Don Jr. Comes in for the Alley-Oop



I have no problem with Jim Acosta. I only wish that, as a reporter…he was…a reporter.

For some odd reason, it appears he decided to get a job as a reporter and then not be one.


Reporter: Congressman X says Y.
Not a Reporter: Congressman X says Y, and that’s sad.

Giant difference.

So who knows whether we’ll ever see a reporter named Jim Acosta, but a self-promotional political commentator by the same name hit the bricks Tuesday in Davos, Switzerland and went to (presumably) self-promotionally politically comment while Ivanka Trump came down a flight of stairs.

While holding his mic like Bob Barker, Jim began with this:

“Your father’s impeachment trial is today. What are your thoughts? Any comment on your father’s impeachment trial?”

He kept asking. Ivanka — who was in town for the World Economic Forum — kept coming down the stairs.

Like a wild wind to an improperly-glued fake mustache, she blew him off.

[Note: Always double-glue fake mustaches.]

Guess the price was wrong.

As for commenting, Jim never got past Step 1.

Watch and cringe:


It was a bit of this:


Jim hopped on Twitter.

Just 1 minute after the above post, he ran a headline:

Ivanka’s big bro caught wind of the blow-off and flew with his own tweet.


Here comes the boom:

The editorializing TV man hasn’t seemed to jibe too well with this administration.

As noted by The Daily Wire:

Acosta had his hard press pass temporarily revoked in 2018 after he physically pushed back against a young female White House intern trying to grab the communal mic.

Take a look at November 7th:

Some people were enthused back then:

Even to the point of testiness:


Cover your kids’ eyes:

Back to Davos, Ivanka indicated Monday that she was attending the Forum on behalf of the administration:

“Headed to Davos to call on the world’s largest employers to sign our #PledgetoAmericasWorkers and join us in unleashing the potential of our people and accelerating the historic wave of opportunity, wage growth and job creation in the United States.”

The First Daughter got some applause from the stairs incident, too, complete with at least one poop emoji:



Of course, there were many remarks that went the other way, too.

And there are doubtlessly many Dems who love Jim’s work at the White House.

But clearly, Ivanka didn’t think Jim’s question was worth addressing.

Therefore — like a maid to an in-need book in Jim’s library called The Rules of Reporting — she dusted him.



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