In a New Video, the Hero of the Texas Church Shooting Has a Message We Should All Hear

[Screenshot from Turning Point USA,]
[Screenshot from Turning Point USA,]


Jack Wilson is a hero.

He’s also — to me — a miracle.

Or, what he did was.


While attending a service December 29th at the West Freeway Church of Christ in White Settlement, Texas, Jack was faced with the unimaginable: Suddenly, the sound of shotgun fire rang through the sanctuary (see more here and here).

Someone had been shot.

Then, another blast. Victim #2.

People were screaming.

Somehow, as if he’d lived through this same scenario a million times, Jack responded immediately by simply drawing his gun, planting his feet, taking aim at the shooter — who was far away…

He fired once.

Right into the assailant’s head.


Threat over.

In case you missed it:


Well, now there’s a new video of Jack.

Wilson released a message Sunday, courtesy of Turning Point USA.

It’s simple: Be prepared.

To defend yourself.

Unsurprisingly, Jack spent six years in the Texas Army National Guard, and he owned his own firearms instruction business for 21 years. Also: thirty years dealing with the Department of Defense.

In the video, Jack says, “There is evil in the world. Be prepared to protect yourself.”

“It doesn’t start at that moment that you need to be able to protect yourself,” he explains.

You need to have gotten ready:

“You have to learn. Choose a firearm that you’re comfortable with. Become proficient with it. Train with it.”


Jack believes the ol’ 2A is what liberty’s all about:

“Without the 2nd Amendment — my opinion, very strongly — you will lose all other rights.”

But a gun is just a tool:

“The firearm is not the evil thing. The person behind it is either good or evil. It’s not a firearm issue; it is a person issue.”

As it turns out, the security crew at church was already watching soon-to-be murderer Keith Thomas Kinnunen.

“When the individual came into the building, it was obvious that he did have a wig and a fake beard on. We observed the individual. We were watching the individual.”

Jack had the audiovisual room train a camera on him.

And right at the start of the service, hell overtook the church. Or tried.

“The individual got up, and that’s when he turned with the shotgun. … [Victim Richard White] told him, ‘Drop the gun, drop the gun.’ I had people in front of me that, you know, that prevented me from taking a body shot, a torso shot.”

What do you do when that’s the case?

If you’re an expert marksman, it’s this:

“The only shot I had was the headshot.”

Jack makes clear how quickly everything can change:

“From the time the individual turned with the gun in his hand ’til I was over him was a total of six seconds.”

It would’ve been a lot longer if not for his defensive due diligence.

The prepared man’s a shepherd watching over the flock:


“I don’t see myself as a hero. My role is more of a protector.”

We need protectors. Because:

“Evil exists in multiple facets all over the country, all over the world.”

To Jack, it wasn’t personal. It was spiritual:

“We’re all in mourning for the loss of Richard and [Tony Wallace]. … And trying to understand what happened. But I don’t feel like I killed an individual. I killed evil. I took out evil.”

The video closes with a profound statement:

“Because of Jack Wilson’s bravery, a mass shooting of Christians was prevented.”

It certainly was.

“Thank you, Jack,” it reads.

Yes, Jack — thank you.



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