Be Sure and Wear Your Feastin' Pants: Best of Texas Hosts Its First Testicle Festival

[Screenshot from Facebook, Texas Testicle Festival, via at]

[Screenshot from Facebook, Texas Testicle Festival, via at]




On Saturday, Texas cuisine went nuts.

In Fredericksburg, Best of Texas hosted its first Testicle Festival.

Folks from all parts — including the most private ones — came together to gobble up gonads at the city’s Bankersmith Hall.

From the advertisement on

Testicles from calves, lambs, roosters, turkeys and other animals are considered delicacies in other parts of the world.

And don’t worry — they kept it strictly professional:

Joe Bachmeier, an [official] with the event, said the festival will include turkey, lamb and veal testicles. The organs were imported from professionals that performed the removal of the testicles.

As per a post to, “The event will also feature lawn games, a full bar, live music, and a small petting zoo for kids.”

Here’s how EventBrite put it:

Music and great food underlie the planning for this event, including the sweetbreads and Rocky Mountain oysters. Paired nicely with some adult beverages (and a little bit of friendly ribbing), these things go down like butter!

Kinda reminds me of this:


The testicles were served up “battered, fried, and grilled.”

See more pics at the extravaganza’s BankersmithTexas page.


And check out that cool venue:

“This event is just to celebrate the testicle festivals that happen nationwide,” Bachmeier said. “We think its a really fun event people will enjoy. Plus, it’s at a really cool venue.”

Although the hall has a Fredericksburg address it is located in a town that was established in 1913 that later became a ghost town.

Tickets ranged from $5 to $35.

The Festival — or Festical, if you will — is a great reminder of just how diverse this country truly is. What would make some gag on their teeth to even think about is another group’s idea of a fantastic weekend.

Organizers expected “several hundred people to attend.”

I’m sure everyone had a ball.



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