More From the Project Veritas Video: Bernie Campaign Staffer Admits Sanders is Just a Conventional Socialist 'Masquerading' as Something More Acceptable



What’s the difference between a socialist and a democratic socialist?

At the end of the day, you can’t own your own business either way.


But, as reported by The Daily Wire, an undercover video released by Project Veritas allegedly reveals a staffer for Bernie’s campaign admitting it’s all baloney — Bern’s just a regular ol’ socialist “masquerading” as a democratic one.

Purportedly, the video captures a PV journalist asking the campaign’s Iowa Field Organizer Kyle Jurek, “Well what do you think about Bernie, man? Give me your honest–”

Kyle cuts in — like Hammer, Bernie’s 2 Legit 2 Quit:

“I think he’s a legit, I think that he’s a legit socialist masquerading as a democratic socialist. I think that a lot of his — a lot of the things that he’s suggesting in moving forward takes us further than democratic socialism. Like, he masquerades it.”

Here’s the video:

So, again, what’s the difference? That one is voted in by the citizenry and one is not?

Strangely, from what I’ve seen of it, maybe close to no one touting socialism knows the definition of the word. I’m not talking about people at the mall; I’m referring to people holding signs.

I’m not saying I’m right — only that that’s the way it appears.


Actually, though, I hope I’m right.

I’ve heard virtually no one espousing the economic system make remarks regarding what it actually does.

It takes your future out of your hands. It places into the grip of those in power — by putting only them in control of all products and means of production.

Hitler loved it.

No more competition in the marketplace.

When that goes away, prices go up and quality goes down. It’s the nature of the world.

And those prices will be paid — via taxes. Whether you’re interested or not.

As for the video, here are some responses via Twitter:

Someone brought up the great socialist utopia of Venezuela:

And then more of this:


It seems to me that, in this country as of late, we’ve gotten hung up on words that don’t matter; and we’ve lost the meaning of words that do.

In this case, we’re set to lose a lot more than meaning if the government goes further into the territory of the Nazis’ — that would be, the National Socialists’ — favored system.

Call it democratic socialism, or socialism, or “just something really cool.”

Either way, it stinks.

For more on the Project Veritas video, see Brandon Morse’s coverage such as here.



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