Northern Ireland Joins the Rest of the UK: Same-Sex Marriage Sees Legalization, So Does Another Long-Fought Issue


There’s a big change in Northern Ireland.

As reported by CNN, on Monday, the country’s government missed its deadline to prevent it.

After several years of turmoil, the province has legalized gay marriage.


The UK region in the northeast of the island of Ireland was, until 2017, jointly ruled by the Unionist and Republican parties.

When that fell apart, the country was essentially left with no government. Therefore, the Westminster British Parliament stepped in and — in October — passed same-sex marriage (as well as abortion) legislation that would go into effect on January 13th if the seat of power hadn’t been restored.

Though the parties have come back together to govern, the deadline passed without intervention.

Now both gay marriage and abortion — despite heavy opposition — are legal.

Northern Ireland joins the Republic of Ireland, which legalized gay marriage in 2015, as well as the rest of the United Kingdom — where it’s been legal since 2014.

As for abortion, its access will be enabled on March 31st.

Some pro-life activists — such as Carla Lockhart, a member of Parliament for a Northern Irish constituency — has called for a reversal.

She appealed to the Westminster House of Commons last week:

“It is imperative that I speak on this to attempt again to highlight the anger, disappointment and frustration concerning the change in abortion laws that have been foisted upon the people of Northern Ireland. These changes came in the most roughshod way, with complete contempt for the devolved Administration and the views of the people of Northern Ireland.”


Abortion has been illegal in Northern Ireland for 150 years.

No matter whence a country has come — no matter where its roots may lie or what its history has been — this is undeniable: Everything can change.



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