Meghan McCain Trashes Warnings Against 'Poking the Bear' of Iran as America Enters Its 'Twilight': Are You Team USA or Team Iran?



It seems we’re in a Twilight moment — instead of Team Edward or Team Jacob, in Washington, Hollywood, and the media, people are choosing between Team America and Team Iran.


More like Twilight Zone.

As for military moves against the world’s largest sponsor of terror, some have said we shouldn’t “poke the bear.” But on The View Wednesday, Meghan McCain had news: Iran ain’t the grizzly.

McCain pointed out what she asserted should put Americans at ease amid international tensions.

Here she goes, folks:

“I’m going to give you two things that should make people feel just a little bit better today.”

Firstly, Iran’s official statement is that they’re not looking for war:

“The foreign minister of Iran tweeted that Iran took proportionate measures last night after the killing of Soleimani and that they do not seek escalation of war.”

They intentionally held back:

“If you know Iran’s capabilities, they more than 100% had the capability to kill American lives last night in every possible way and decided not to. I don’t believe that Iran, it’s in their interest to continue escalating this.”

And as for bear-poking warnings to President Trump, some are forgetting we’re an animal:

“People say don’t poke the bear. I think it’s easy to forget — America’s the bear. We’re the bear. Don’t poke us either. And I’m still not sad that this guy is out.”

Whoopi chimed in: “Nobody’s sad about that.”

They’re not? NBC live-streamed his funeral:


I’m gonna call that one Team Iran.

Back to The View, Meghan referenced something I covered yesterday — Elizabeth Warren had to be asked three times before she would say whether Soleimani was a terrorist:

“You know, we had a presidential candidate on yesterday. I had to ask her three times if he’s a terrorist.”

In a surprisingly Trump-friendly turn, Meghan explained that she’s no stranger to the realities of war, and that everyone should take a breath and wait for the President:

“I know the cost of war. I have friends who have lost limbs. I have friends who have committed suicide when they came back after war. I know the cost of it. I’m aware, but I also know we should all take a pause, take a beat, and see what Trump does. Because right now — as far as I’m concerned — it could have been a hell of a lot worse last night than what Iran did.”


Sounds like good advice.

Who knew we’d reach a point in time when those on the boob tube — and even some in government — would appear to lean in favor of those against us?

All the while, Trump is reportedly the one colluding with foreign governments.

Strange times.



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