The Suspect in New York's Stabbing Rampage Gets Hit With Hate Crime Charges, But He's a Drop in the Bucket of America's Division

[Screenshot from CBS2 New York via Twitter,]


[Screenshot from CBS2 New York via Twitter,]


On Monday, federal prosecutors filed hate crime charges against the suspect in New York’s horrific stabbing rampage.


The violence occurred during a Hanukkah celebration north of New York City, at the home of a rabbi.

As reported by Reuters, the man accused kept journals wherein he wrote of “Nazi Culture” and Hitler.

In the town of Ramapo, Grafton Thomas was arraigned on five counts of attempted murder Sunday.

Allegedly, he burst into a Hannukah party Saturday night, wielding what was described as a “machete.”

Dozens were in attendance at the Rockland County residence of Rabbi Chaim Rottenberg.

He was expected to appear in federal court Monday on five counts of obstruction of free exercise of religious beliefs involving an attempt to kill, plus use of a dangerous weapon resulting in bodily harm.

Upon searching Grafton’s Greenwood Lake home, investigators discovered journals containing drawings of swastikas among other Nazi goodies.

Furthermore, FBI Agent Julie Brown revealed that — on November 9th, as well as December 3rd, 7th, and 16th — the attempted murderer had used his cell phone to search “Why did Hitler Hate the Jews.”


On December 18th, he’d searched for Jewish temples in New Jersey and Staten Island, in addition to a December 27th search for prominent companies owned by Jews.

On the 28th, he viewed an article titled “New York City increased police presence in Jewish neighborhoods after Possible Anti-Semitic Attacks. Here’s what’s to know.”

Of the victims of Grafton’s attack, four have been released from the hospital. The one who remains has a fractured skull.

Well, I’d say the motivation seems pretty obvious.

We have a problem in our society, and it isn’t only among criminals. Decades after Martin Luther King had a dream, many seemed dedicated to viewing American through the prism of race.

In the worst cases, murder is the result. At the bottom rung is division. Disunity.

Why would one race hate another? But also, why would anyone care about the color of someone’s skin or the home of their ancestors?

We have a problem, and we can start with the most murderous results, or we can begin by ending our segregation.


Either way, I hope justice is served in this case, whatever justice would truly be.

As for New York’s mayor, he’s intent on scapegoating by way of blaming Republicans and the President (see here).

How about let’s blame Grafton Thomas — if he indeed is guilty.

And beyond that, let’s find a better way to view one another.

On the street, in the government, around the country.

We were not meant for such animus.

Or such idiocy.



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