Advice to Pete Buttigieg: Don't Use the Christmas Story to Promote Your Politics if You Can't Get the Story Right



Politics and religion are touchy subjects; how about mixing the two?

On Wednesday, Mayor Pete Buttigieg tried to take Christmas, spin it on his finger like dough, and voilà — political pizza, serving his policy agenda.


It didn’t work so well — mostly because he apparently doesn’t understand the story of Jesus’s birth.

He tweeted:

“Today I join millions around the world in celebrating the arrival of divinity on earth, who came into this world not in riches but in poverty, not as a citizen but as a refugee. No matter where or how we celebrate, Merry Christmas.”

Was he a refugee? Is that the situation? The message?

Was Bethlehem a sanctuary city? Were things just like they are now, 2000 years ago? Was Donald Trump President of Judea?

Pete caught flak for the attempt, and some helped him get things straight:

“OMG — Joseph and mary were traveling to register as required by a totalitarian Roma occupation for a census so Rome could tax the region more efficiently — do @TheDemocrats choose to be stupid or are they incapable of speaking the truth?”


National Review Online’s Dan McLaughlin got in on it, too:

“You were doing okay until ‘refugee.’ Joseph & Mary were in Bethlehem because the government commanded them there to pay taxes. A Christian would know this.”

And school was in with radio host Lars Larson:

“For goodness sake PeteButtigieg, ‘refugees’? Caesar ordered a census…1st of its kind, purpose TAX collection. You [Democrats] play the same games w census & taxes. By that measure, all of us are ‘refugees’ every April 15th. Read The Book would you? Much better than the movie.”

Oy. It’s hard to watch.


User John Hayward made a special Christmas wish:

“All I want for Christmas is for left-wing totalitarians to stop misrepresenting Jesus as a ‘migrant’ or ‘refugee’ in clumsy efforts to trick Christians into giving up on protecting their borders.”

Pete’s idea’s been floated before; so perhaps he heard it and thought it sounded good, so out it went.

Maybe I’m a ridiculous stickler, but it seems to me that next time, he may wanna find out if something makes any sense before he repeats it to 1,570,000 people — the number of Twitter followers he has. I think it’s a good rule of thumb, even if you’re just tossin’ it out there to your fellow boothers at Chili’s. But 1.6 mil? Yeah — maybe even triple-check it.

But politics doesn’t look to be much about making sense or being accurate. Just say stuff that has a spice of Awesome — perfecto.

Even so, these days, it’s a bit more complicated:



Pete took a shot at something more basic, and I think this is the Gold range for him:


Definitely. Take the KISS approach, Pete: Keep It Simple, Seminarian.



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