Just in Time for Christmas: Bernie's Campaign Has Mailed 'Family Persuasion Guides' so You Can Be Converted to Socialism by the One Group You Believe Is Smarter Than You: Your Kids



If you’d like to have an especially Most Wonderful Time of the Year this December, do what you know will strike the bullseye: Sit down with your loved ones, join hands, and fight over Washington and politics.



Bernie Sanders knows bitter arguments are the reason for the season, so he’s offering supporters quite the Yuletide Delight.

Bern — who’s not doing so hot with voters over 50 — wants to change the minds of the older set via the one bastion of wisdom he’s sure they’ll wholly listen to: their kids.

Therefore, according to The Wall Street Journal, America’s rich uncle is arming the youth with “family persuasion guides” — they’re just what youngsters need in order to completely ruin Christm– I mean, in order to slyly convince people who own their own homes, have their student loans paid off, and are eligible for actual medicare to suddenly and without logical explanation become socialists — that would be, people who believe you shouldn’t have the right to own your own business.


So how do the kiddos start the revolution? Apparently, by reminding Mom and Dad and Grandma and Grandpa they’ll one day be dead.

From Students for Bernie: Family Persuasion Guide:

It’s up to us as students and young people to make the moral appeal to our older relatives to join us in voting for Bernie, because let’s face it: They won’t be around for as long to deal with the consequences of this election, but we will be.


Excellent pitch; I’m sold already. “Human mortality” is all one need say in order to convince me everything should be ruled by government.

You’re gonna be dead soon anyway — why enjoy autonomy?

As noted by The Daily Wire, the Sanders campaign is gettin’ out the books in a hurry:

The campaign isn’t even waiting for young supporters to seek out the guide or offering the book through social media as a free download the way the Obama Administration often did when it wanted its own young supporters to talk about the Affordable Care Act or other legislative priorities at the holiday dinner table. Nope. The campaign actually mailed the guide to around 3,000 committed Bernie-acs before Thanksgiving and will be sending a follow up brochure right before Christmas.

For some, the learning curve will be minimal:

Some parts of the guide build on existing Sanders communications software, like “BERN,” the official peer-to-peer Bernie Sanders canvassing app, but the Family Persuasion Guide actually has a very specific target — old people — and it’s part of a much larger strategy: a full-court press on the elderly in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina.

As per WSJ.comBernie’s campaign “has made more of an effort to focus on seniors in the past three months and hopes to peel off some voters who have been supporting other candidates.”


And Christmas is the best time to do that.

Got kids coming home who support the Nazis’ favored economic system though they don’t know the meaning of the word?

You may be in for a real treat.

Merry Christmas and Happy HanukCuss.



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