A New Poll Shows Black Democrats Differ Greatly from Whites in One Substantial Area; and May America Become One Family Under God



How liberal are black Americans?

There’s no shortage of messages that the Democratic Party is the only choice for minorities, yet there seems to be an uprising of black men and women shaking off the Democratic dust and #WalkingAway. For more on that, check out Candace Owens at Blexit LA.


Personally, I believe the Blexit movement occupies a fantastic space in the current culturverse: It reminds us that “diversity” in its highest form is that of thought and perspective. Furthermore, it stands against the ridiculous suggestion that black people by and large think all the same — how is it that we have those claiming to represent every individual of one race, aka “black leaders”? No one person can represent black people, any more than someone can represent the one-dimensional interests of people with blue eyes. In my view, we are much better off as a nation if we stop separating by color. Americans each have their own sensibilities, opinions, viewpoints — culturally and politically.

That being said, there are, of course, statistical differences among the citizenry, and a new poll from the Pew Research Center indicates a general difference between black and white Democrats.

According to the study released Tuesday, black people who identify with the party of Kennedy and Roosevelt tend to be considerably more conservative than their white comrades.

Such is true particularly where God and morality are concerned.

As per the survey, while 89% of white Dems believe it’s unnecessary to believe in God in order to have good morals, only 44% of black members agree.


Additionally, black Democrats are less likely to support gay marriage.

Speaking of, here’s The Daily Caller:

Black social conservatism has been noted in the Democratic presidential race with South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s own focus groups telling him that many male Southern blacks are uncomfortable with Buttigieg’s open homosexuality. The dearth of black support has been so obvious that the presidential candidate has reportedly resorted to claiming black support that doesn’t exist.

For his part, Buttigieg has claimed that the “black church” has yet to “come to terms with” the LGBTQ agenda.

The report also indicates the opaque line of partisanship:

Partisanship continues to be the dividing line in the American public’s political attitudes, far surpassing differences by age, race and ethnicity, gender, educational attainment, religious affiliation or other factors. Yet there are substantial divisions within both parties on fundamental political values, views of current issues and the severity of the problems facing the nation.

Subjects upon which there is less difference among Democrats: racial equality and gun control.

The former, I would contend, is also trumpeted across the GOP. Despite major headlines in the Era of Trump, I believe most all Americans want us to come together.

The United States is a coat of many colors — not only racially, but ideologically.

Nevertheless, we should find the will to truly Coexist, in light of our differences. We aren’t defined by the color of our skin, and while we each have our own points of view, we should be able to love our country and one another — for the diverse group we really are.


We were founded upon that, as well as something of which some Democrats — some Republicans, too — have lost sight: the notion of one family Under God.

This Christmas season, may we become more of a family once again.



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