Just Before the Impeachment Vote, the 2nd Most Powerful House Democrat Made a Comment so Absurd It Brought Laughter

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On Wednesday, House Majority Whip Steny Hoyer appeared to try his hand at standup comedy.


The #2 House Democrat spoke to the chamber just before a vote to impeach the President, during which he offered the following:

“Democrats did not choose this impeachment. We did not wish for it.”

Yes — those words really made their way out of his mouth.

Is it just me, or is that the stupidest thing that’s been said this year?

Well, there were also these:

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Steny certainly served up a solid contender.

In 2016, when it was announced, “Donald Trump is the President of the United States,” those words could’ve easily been replaced by, “It’s official — the ballots have been counted, and the voters have spoken: Donald Trump will be impeached as President of the United States.”

One House Republican heckled Steny:

“Oh, come on!”

Others laughed and booed.

Steny defended his goofiness:

“We voted against it. We voted against it once. We voted against it twice. We voted against it three times as recently as July. We did not want this. However, President Trump’s misconduct has forced our constitutional republic to protect itself.”


Yeah, but y’all only voted against it because you kept bringing it up. You kept trying ’til you all voted in favor.

On Wednesday, all but three Democrats voted to impeach Lucif– I mean, Donald Trump — on two articles: 1) Abuse of power, and 2) Obstruction of Congress.

It must’ve been so difficult, given that they didn’t want to do it. Hopefully, they’ll fully recover from the distress.

They’ll need their energy, in order to deal with the Senate’s voting the completely opposite way.

Rest up, everyone. And thank you for having the courage to do what you in no way were maniacally driven toward.



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