Trump Team Member on Fox: The White House 'Should and Will' Be Working Hand-in-Hand with GOP Senators During Impeachment in the Senate

President Donald Trump arrives to an event to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., in the Roosevelt Room of the White House, Friday, Jan. 12, 2018, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)



Over the weekend, former Florida attorney/current Trump impeachment team member Pam Bondi appeared on Fox News Sunday to talk about the lead-up to the Senate trial.

And Pam asserted the White House has the absolute right to work with Republican senators in prep for the big chamber move.

Host Chris Wallace asked: Is communication appropriate, given the President is, essentially, the defendant, and senators are meant as unbiased jurors:

“How impartial can [the trial] be if [Senate Majority Leader Mitch] McConnell is taking his cues from the White House?”

Cues, indeed — as noted by The Hill, last week Mitch told Sean Hannity they’ll be in cahoots:

“There will be no differences between the President’s position and our position as to how to handle this.”

In McConnell’s words, there’ll be “total coordination.”

We can be sure there will also be plenty of indignation coming from across the aisle — according to some, it’s surely just another collusion from Donald J., the egomaniacal, dictatorial outlaw.


But to Bondi, the Trump administration “should be working hand-in-hand with them.”

And those charges against him? Puny:

“These are the senators who will decide if our president is impeached, which will not happen, we should and will work hand-in-hand with them. These are some of the weakest charges out there, Chris, you know that.”

Anything less, insisted Pam, would be a dereliction of duty:

“We wouldn’t be doing our jobs if we weren’t working hand-in-hand with the Senate to clear the president of this charade, this sham, that started with [Intelligence Committee Chair] Adam Schiff [D-Calif.], your next guest, and we’re not going to let it continue in the U.S. Senate.”

So the kibosh is comin’.

Putting aside other considerations, Chris wanted to know how the President feels about this whole impeachment showdown “on a personal level.”

Pam explained it’s of course difficult on him and his family, but that’s why he has people like her — they can focus on taking care of impeachment while he’s taking care of being the President:

“This is difficult on his family, of course it is, because during the week when they delivered a disgraceful vote to impeach the president, during that week, and these aren’t talking points, this is what the president was doing, the work of the American people. USMCA, the China trade deal, the work of the American people, combatting anti-Semitism by by executive order, holding a summit on family paid leave, that’s his focus, going nonstop for the American people. So is this difficult? Of course it is. And that’s why the lawyers, we are all handling this impeachment sham and charade.”


Sounds good. But prepare for the outcry. I can’t help but think a piece of American politic is about to swell up like a giant hemorrhoid over the Senate’s management of impeachment. He’s going to have gotten away with it again — that wascally wabbit Trump. And get ready to hear that the Republicans have proven they’re shameless by voting with partisanship rather than on principle — which is, of course, a conspicuously appropriate description of House Democrats.

And, to some degree, all of Washington.

But for all you pearls out there: Prepare to be clutched.



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