Tipping Point with Liz Wheeler Asks: Where's the Outrage Over Jersey City - the Left Has Reduced Anti-Semitism to a Singular Narrative

[Screenshot from Tipping Point With Liz Wheeler on OAN, Tipping Point With Liz Wheeler on OAN]
[Screenshot from Tipping Point With Liz Wheeler on OAN, Tipping Point With Liz Wheeler on OAN]


On Thursday night, Tipping Point with Liz Wheeler welcomed Daily Wire Editor-at-Large Josh Hammer to talk about the politicization of anti-Semitism.


Earlier in the day, TDW Head Honcho Ben Shapiro had penned the following with regard to the New Jersey kosher grocery store shooting:

Here’s a quick rule of thumb: If you only want to have a conversation about anti-Semitism when you can blame anti-Semitism on your political opponents, you don’t care about anti-Semitism.

The (Black Hebrew Israelite) identity of the shooters meant that the media Left was eager to ignore the case. And indeed, within 24 hours, it was no longer trending on Twitter. No broad discussions of left-wing tolerance for anti-Semitism, particularly in minority communities, ensued.

Anti-Semitism isn’t a game. You don’t get to cite it when convenient and ignore it when convenient. Those who do exacerbate the problem. Unfortunately, these days, that phenomenon is increasingly common on the political Left.

On Tipping Point, Liz and Josh discussed Democratic Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s assertion that the Jersey City shooters were white supremacists. Rashida deleted her tweet in the eventual light of information to the contrary. Notably, she said nothing more about the crime.

Josh wants to know why:

“Liz, I’m not sure how many of your viewers are familiar with the Black Hebrew Israelites. I’ve actually been personally pretty familiar with them — I used to walk by them on the sidewalk literally every day on the way to work. This is a very, very, very vicious, vile group. They stand on the sidewalk, they bang gongs and drums loudly, they shout out expletives, they curse at people. And their quote-unquote ‘theology,’ obviously, is nuts. … But as far as Rashida Talib is concerned, what happened here is insane on multiple levels. First of all, she issued this tweet after every news outlet imaginable had gotten the identity of the culprit correct — so by the time she tweeted this, her staff damn well should have known who exactly committed this horrific atrocity in Jersey City. Second of all, what I really want to know is, after she deleted the tweet, say something! I mean like, you can opine — you can weigh in. … You can say, like, ‘Okay, I had the facts wrong, which is inexcusable, but conceding that I had the facts wrong, I condemn this regardless because innocent Jews were slaughtered.’ Why has she not done that yet? I have no idea. There’s no rational answer for that whatsoever.”


If you’re curious about the Black Hebrew Israelites, I covered a bit of their disposition previously:

NBC News relays that one of the two suspects killed by cops had a social media page filled with anti-police and anti-Jewish content. That man was reportedly a follower of the Black Hebrew movement, “some of whose members,” U.S News notes, “are known to rail against whites and Jews.”

Here’s more, courtesy of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency:

“Black Hebrew Israelites can refer broadly to people of African descent who claim to be descended from the biblical Israelites and practice certain Jewish rituals. The movement emerged from a stream of late 19th-century black nationalism that claimed African-Americans were the true descendants of the ancient Hebrews.”

Speaking of my earlier article, and given Josh’s question, I highly recommend you watch the following video if you missed it. He asks an interesting question — where is the media and political response…to this (Warning: Language):



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