Geraldo Explodes Over David Frum's Characterization of Russia-Obsessed Fox Viewers as White Supremacists, and Boy Does He Not Mince Words



Did you know it’s Republicans who are obsessed with Russia?

Here we go:

I like Geraldo. Any guy who can hold on to a mustache through that many different fashion phases has my respect. 


Furthermore, the guy’s conviction extends far past his upper lip.

And he’s clearly unimpressed by anti-Trump hysteria. 

Here’s a taste from October:

Did that warm you up? Let’s kick it into overdrive:


Geraldo’s a guy who can’t be politically pegged, and the moustachioed maverick waxed feelosophic Sunday over The Atlantic Editor David Frum’s guesting on CNN program Reliable Sources.

Rivera was riled.

But before we get to that, let’s look at David’s tweet:

The editor offered quite the mouthful:

If I may say so, respectfully, making wild assumptions about one’s idealogical adversaries is some of the worst American political discussion has to offer. It seems much more beneficial to stick with what people explicitly say and do. After all, there’s plenty of silliness to be found there.

But David sees things differently.

From The Daily Caller:

Earlier this year, [Frum] hopped on air to opine about President Donald Trump’s mental state, telling viewers about Trump’s daddy issues.

“The question I have about President Trump’s high IQ tweets is who he is talking to?” he asked.

“He’s not convincing anybody. He’s talking to himself. He hears it in his head, maybe in his father’s voice, ‘You’re stupid. You’re worthless.’ That’s who he is arguing with. It is not a media strategy. It is a psychological project based on this deeply wounded person.”


Not helping, in my estimation.

Back to the Stelter appearance, Geraldo was succinct with his response:

[Screenshot from Geraldo Rivera via Twitter,]
As precise as his mustache.



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