We're Not in Kansas Anymore: MSNBC Rips Biden for Not Being Able to Handle Himself with an Iowa Voter Over Ukraine

[Screenshot from Politico, https://twitter.com/politico/status/1202674632056332288]
[Screenshot from Politico, https://twitter.com/politico/status/1202674632056332288]


Wanna see someone on MSNBC put it to the guy who may very well be the Democratic presidential nominee? Normally, I’d have to say, “Fat chance.”


But lo and behold, on Thursday night, Joe Biden got told by network guest Zerlina Maxwell, a radio programmer for Sirius XM.

Zerlina’s comments were in response to Joe’s dustup earlier in the day with an Iowa voter on a campaign stop.

In case you missed it, watch Joe challenge a guy to pushups. And not just any guy — some “damn liar.”

Here you damn go:

Personally, I think Joe could’ve taken him — they look to be similar in age, but the guy has a fair amount more body fat.

Having said that, the dude definitely could’ve dominated in arm wrestling.

Sadly, it never came to either of those; but over at MSNBC, Zerlina flexed her muscle and put Joe in his place — he’s gonna have to be stronger than that.

Here’s what she had to say, about Ukraine and Hunter:

“This issue is going to come up. This is the whole centerpiece of the impeachment hearing.”


She’s no doubt right there — the former vice president has congressional Democrats to thank for the mud on his back from being dragged. And he’s likely to get dirtier before it’s all over with.

Therefore, he’s gotta be able to deal:

“He has to be prepared to respond to people, you know, protesting or attacking him on this topic.”

If you’re starting to fear that you’ve stepped into an alternate universe and you may never again see your friends or family, allow me to alleviate your concerns. Zerlina also threw out this:

“It doesn’t matter that they’re not attacking him with the facts. You know, the Republicans are in denial of the facts.”

There we go. Home sweet home.

As I’ve said before, anyone running for president with a history in government — particularly one putting them within arm’s length of legislation — has an uphill battle with voters. Whereas a newcomer can pop onto the stage and talk about any kind of change they want, an old-timer bears the burden of proof.

Mr. Arm Wrestling hit the nail on the head there. On top, he hammered cynicism and the next closest thing to AOC’s dreaded cowfarts:

He’s been in the Congress all of his life… Where in the hell has he been for the last 50 years? And he’s going to change it all now? Bullsh**.


Joe probably especially didn’t like that — his tour is called “No Malarkey.”



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