Irate Transgender Activists Condemn Local Government for Involving Murderous Police While Trying to Honor Them - 'How Dare You!' (Video)



In November, Olympia, Washington’s government participated in Trans Remembrance Day — a commemoration, according to, “that honors the memory of the transgender people whose lives were lost in acts of anti-transgender violence.”

 The idea was to light city hall for the occasion.

However, security inside the building is provided by police officers, and some transgender activists were irate over the Boys & Girls in Blue’s inclusion.

Protestors voiced their angst to city council members during a meeting, and one such activist was Amy Heart, a man identifying as a woman. 

Here’s what he had to say:

“I am profoundly ashamed that city hall is willing to sponsor a Trans Day of Remembrance lighting in a building that has police — that has humans who are not on the side of the liberation of my sisters and my children.”

Though himself white, Amy stood up for “black and brown” people against the scourge of law enforcement:

“You are telling me, you’re gonna light up city hall to honor black and brown trans women? You’re gonna light-up a city hall that has police, and police are part of the problem.”

Why are they problematic? Because of this: 

“They kill my families. They make it unsafe to live.”

Amy called for a moratorium on cops the next go ’round:

“I urge you, next year, to not involve the police. To not light up your building and put your money where your mouth is and save my sisters.”

Lawrence Walker also had a thing or two to say, about feelings and the stone-cold chest cavities of those on the council:

“I am a person that values hearing out people’s pain and talking to their hearts, and I feel like the people here at city hall, you don’t do that. You f*** with people’s hearts.”

Lawrence didn’t appreciate being asked not to use vulgarity due to the session being livestreamed to families’ homes:

“My point is, like, like, you didn’t care what I just said. Which proves my point. You’re not listening to my frustration and pain having to deal with people like you who are worrying about what I’m saying, instead of, like, or how I’m saying it, instead of what I’m saying.”

He thinks the council’s phony baloney:

“Just like, the illusions of this meeting. Like, this s***’s nice, right? You get people in a room, they come to you with their problems, you say you care, but you don’t really do anything about it. We go home, we come back again, there’s no solutions.”

Lawrence is hopeful, but not:

“I hope, but I’m very hopeless, in change, especially when it’s in the hands of people like you on this board. I hope that you will be able to hear our pain and we can have a meeting point in getting the peace we wanna see in the world.”

And he seconded the motion of no cops:

“And I would like also to, like, not have the police involved with any sort of lighting involving, like, any trans women…really, anyone.”

A man by the name of The Royal Majesty took to the podium with fury. He believes everyone knows progressives are proto-fascists:

“I am beyond angry, I’m furious. I’m furious that this town even has the nerve to claim progressivism, even though we all know progressivism is proto-fascism, anyway.”

TRM’s big and only hope: that the members lie in bed and hurt over his suffering:

“I hope when you go home at night, to your comfortable house, to your middle class lives, where you have to worry about nothing, that you think of me and that it hurts you terribly. ‘Cause that is all that I can hope for, since I don’t have hope for much else. I give up the rest of my time.”

One individual decried words without action, lamenting the state of “genocide” in America:

“I’m a tranny suffering in the conditions that you create for us to not live in this city. … Genocide is an ongoing and re-occurring thing. It’s a process that starts with making sure that people cannot live within society’s confines. And the only way they can survive is by breaking the rules. … [I]t’d be really nice if people around [these] parts who preach progressiveness or preach acceptance and want to light up lights around buildings that are very governmental and symbols of oppression to do better and actually put more action rather than words…”

Back to The Royal Majesty, he had one ultimate question for the council — how dare they?

“I just wanna say, how dare you co-opt the symbols of my trans and gay siblings? While also having those very same symbols protected by people who are meant to eliminate us. How dare you!”

It was an angry night.

One thing’s for sure: For some identifying as the opposite sex in the capital of Washington, local government’s attempt to honor them ain’t gettin’ it.

The consensus: You wanna salute the transgender community while associating in any way with police? Puh-leese.



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