Greta Thunberg Demands We 'Change Everything.' A Good Start: Tearing Down Our 'Colonial, Racist, and Patriarchal Systems of Oppression'



On Friday, Greta Thunberg let the enemies of the earth have it via an op-ed published by Project Syndicate.

In addition to saying fossil fuels “are literally” killing humanity, the teenager also fingered her ultimate manmade enemy — literally man-made: “colonial, racist, and patriarchal systems of oppression.”


Along with early-twentysomething cohorts Luisa Neubauer and Angela Valenzuela, Thunberg lunged after lewd lovers of ‘lectricity in a piece titled “Why We Strike Again.”

In it, the 16-year-old laid out a prediction of fossil fuel use eleven years from now:

[R]ecent research shows that we are on track to produce 120% more fossil fuels in 2030 than would be consistent with the 1.5°C limit. The concentration of climate-heating greenhouse gases in our atmosphere has reached a record high, with no sign of a slowdown. Even if countries fulfill their current emissions-reduction pledges, we are headed for a 3.2°C increase.

As pointed out by The Daily Wire, those numbers show the Paris Climate Accord to have fallen short.

From The American Prospect:

In 2015, the Paris climate accord gave every country in the world the ability to set its own goals to combat the climate crisis. World leaders agreed to do their part toward stopping planet temperatures from rising more than 2 degrees Celsius—later updated to 1.5 degrees—above pre-industrial levels.

More, courtesy of TDW:

Even the left-leaning New York Times admitted that the Paris Climate Accord has been a failure, reporting that “even if every country did manage to fulfil its individual pledge, the world would still be on pace to heat up well in excess of 2 degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit) over preindustrial levels, the threshold that world leaders vowed to stay ‘well below’ in Paris because they deemed it unacceptably risky.


Now to extinction, from the young activist and her crew:

Fossil fuels are literally choking the life from us.

She believes the work to be done “must be powerful and wide-ranging.”

And why? Because our crisis isn’t “just about the environment.”

Let’s check it out::

It is a crisis of human rights, of justice, and of political will. Colonial, racist, and patriarchal systems of oppression have created and fueled it.


In with the new:

We need to dismantle them all. Our political leaders can no longer shirk their responsibilities.

In her view, we must “[change] perceptions,” “[shift] public opinion,” and employ “schoolchildren” to take the lead in raising awareness. In fact, we must “change everything.”

That’s her goal.


[W]e will keep up a steady drumbeat of strikes, protests, and other actions. We will become louder and louder. We will do whatever it takes to persuade our leaders to unite behind science so clear that even children understand it.

They’re certainly becoming louder. Or, at least, they’re being given more of a voice. In September — just hours before a Democratic debate in Houston — activists dangled themselves from a bridge, ultimately costing taxpayers millions of dollars (here).


A couple weeks later, radicals shut down 22 intersections in Washington D.C.

And to hear David Hogg tell it, it’s going to get much worse.

The Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High student who began as an anti-gun guy on CNN recently shifted, explaining to MSNBC that gun violence is a problem caused by white supremacy (here).

Now it appears he’s moseyed over to climate change:

“We need some 1960s-level activism to save our planet and democracy. In the next couple of years the protests will become so big that cops wont be able to handle it and the national guard/military will have to be called in. But you can be sure we will persist and win.”


I’ll never stop wondering why, when talking about issues which have nothing to do with democratic concepts, people will invoke democracy. How do we stop this trend?

And speaking of stopping stuff, pro-battery Greta charges the reader:

Join us. Participate in our upcoming climate strikes in Madrid or in your hometown. Show your community, the fossil-fuel industry, and your political leaders that you will not tolerate inaction on climate change anymore. With numbers on our side, we have a chance.

I ask with authenticity, by what means are we supposed to show them? Not use electricity? Not go anywhere? Not do anything? Anyone who does that will wreak havoc in their life.

As for hanging from bridges like dingleberries, in my view, that doesn’t help.

However, according to the thunderous girl who loves a good iceberg — Ms. Thunberg, if you will — it must be done; and it “works”:

Collective action works; we have proved that. But to change everything, we need everyone. Each and every one of us must participate in the climate resistance movement. We cannot just say we care; we must show it.


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