A Union Pacific Engineer is Fired for Defecating on the Train as a 'Present' to His Coworkers. A Judge Orders He be Rehired

A Union Pacific Engineer is Fired for Defecating on the Train as a 'Present' to His Coworkers. A Judge Orders He be Rehired



Omaha-based Union Pacific has been ordered by a federal judge to reinstate an engineer who replaced the “ch” in “choo-choo.”

Matthew Lebsack, while doing his duty, did his…

Well, during a stop on November 20th, 2016, rather than utilizing a restroom facility, he defecated on a section connecting a locomotive to a boxcar.

Talk about a gravy train.

Additionally, Matthew admitted in court to having thrown soiled tissues out the window and raising his middle finger at the rail-riding vehicle’s security camera (reminds me of this).

According to the lawsuit, he also told his manager he’d left a “present” for his co-workers.

Great guy.

He can’t help it if he puts the “loco” in “locomotive.” As per Fox News:

Lebsack later blamed the incident on physical and mental issues. The company terminated him, citing a rule prohibiting conduct that is “negligent, insubordinate, dishonest, immoral, quarrelsome or discourteous.”

In December, the arbitration board ruled the termination was excessive and said the railroad giant should require Lebsack to undergo a medical and psychological evaluation with the option to discipline him if he’s found to not be fit for duty, according to the [Lincoln Journal Star].

Union Pacific filed a lawsuit defending its right to fire him.

U.S. District Court Judge Brian Buescher upholds the arbitration board’s ruling — Union Pacific failed to prove the board overstepped its bounds in making the decision.

Primo job, everyone — my faith in arbitration boards is fully renewed.

Whatever else this story may be, it’s certainly a lesson in potty-training.



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