A Florida Man Gets Arrested for Meth, Smuggles More into Jail in a Most Original - and Seemingly Impossible - Way

[Screenshot from New York Daily News via Twitter, https://twitter.com/NYDailyNews/status/1196919362516594688]
[Screenshot from New York Daily News via Twitter, https://twitter.com/NYDailyNews/status/1196919362516594688]


Meth is a big problem.

How do I know? Because I’ve observed where people are willing to put it in order to hold on to it:


See for yourself:

Arkansas Woman Tells Cops She Had No Idea Her Hair Bow was a Bag of Crystal Meth: ‘I Didn’t Know That was There’

Louisiana Woman Accused of Theft Tells Cops She Has No Idea How the Meth & Money Got There – in Her Vagina

And in Florida, full-figured man Martin Skelly found a way to turn a minus into a plus.

‘Til he got arrested.

Dang it — back to minus.

The 41-year-old was apprehended by investigators who found him at a Clearwater McDonald’s with a 28-gauge needle.

The charges: drug paraphernalia and methamphetamine possession.

As reported by The Smoking Gun, before booking him, cops asked Martin if he had any more drugs on him — if they were found once he was in jail, there could be further charges.

The prisoner made it clear: He was clean as a whistleblower.

But upon a search, as per a court affidavit, “a small bag of crystal powder substance” was found in the 5’8″, 380-pound man’s orifice.

I’m talking, of course, about his belly button.

And what a cavernous compartment it must be.

From TSG:

Skelly was subjected to a thorough body search that resulted in the discovery of a small plastic bag containing 2.7 grams of meth.


He explained the oversight as a simple case of being “dumb and not thinking.”

The result: two additional felony charges for introducing contraband into a correctional facility and narcotics possession.

I’ll give him credit: Martin Belly Skelly has ingenuity. Must’ve been inspired by a kangaroo.

Or perhaps the meth made him believe he was one.

Unfortunately, he ended up in kangaroo court.



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