Trump Sounds Off on Impeachment's Gagging of the GOP: 'Nobody’s Ever Had Such Horrible Due Process,' 'It's a Disgrace'

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[Screenshot from TheDC Shorts,]


And so, we’re continuing down this path — one in which the Democrats drift further away from a 2020 victory, and a government body takes on a dead-end endeavor while its members collect checks to oversee legislation.


But this is where we are, and it’s where we were destined to be, once the tally was made in 2016 and Donald Trump officially ascended to political power.

That was the beginning of a new-level war, and it’s presently being fought on Capitol Hill.

Meanwhile, at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Friday, Donald Trump sounded off on the “due process” of the impeachment hearings.

His message: There is none.

We do seem to be moving away from the notion as a hailed principle — during the Kavanaugh dustup, many people decided all men should be deemed guilty if accused of wrongdoing by anyone who’s a woman: #BelieveAllWomen.

That was a strange move, and one that shouldn’t have been divided by party lines.

In the case of impeachment, the same idea probably doesn’t apply. But don’t be surprised by the hashtag #NeverBelievePresidentBeelzebub.

Believe him or not, here’s what he had to say to reporters in the Roosevelt Room:

“Nobody’s ever had such horrible due process. There was no due process. I think it’s considered a joke all over Washington, and all over the world. The Republicans are given no due process whatsoever. We’re not allowed to do anything. It’s a disgrace what’s happening. But you know what? The American public understands it. And That’s why the poll numbers are so good, and that’s why other things are so good.”


The Prez also echoed what others have claimed: The process of impeachment is political.

“What they’re doing in Washington with that hearing — and, by the way, it’s a political process, it’s not a legal process.”

He made clear he thinks it stinks:

“[I]t’s a disgrace, and it’s an embarrassment to our nation. … We’re not allowed to have any kind of representation. We’re not allowed to have almost anything, and nobody’s seen anything like it. “

And rights? So long:

“They’ve taken away the Republicans’ rights.”

The Donald also noted Adam Schiff’s decision on whether Republicans could question former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanavitch: Nope.

“They weren’t allowed to ask questions. It’s a very sad thing.”

He wants freedom of speech, and he wants the GOP to have room to maneuver:

“When we have great Republican representatives…and they’re not allowed to even ask a question — they’re not allowed to make a statement. We’re not allowed to have witnesses. We’re not allowed to have legal counsel, White House counsel…”


One reporter repeatedly asked about intimidation:

“Sir, do you believe your tweets and words can be intimidating?”

Trump finally addressed her:

“I don’t think so at all.”

The Leader of the Free World’s bottom line centered around one word:

“In the history of our country, there has never been a disgrace like what’s going on right now.”

The battle continues. But as much as the Democratic Party may believe they’re gaining ground, it seems to me that this is one big loss for them. Do they think they’ll rattle Trump? He appears to be made of cinder block.

And he’s set to be a stone presence in the White House for five more years.

The party of Nancy Pelosi has one year to change minds.

Do you believe this is the way to accomplish that?

Let us all know in the Comments section.

Back to my initial statement about people collecting checks to oversee legislation, Don Jr. seems to be of a similar mind:




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