Airing Out Grievances in Alabama: Someone Shanks the Baby Trump Balloon, Deflating $4,000 Worth of Hope and Change for Protestors

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[Screenshot from Sky News,][/caption]


At the Alabama-LSU game Saturday, there was a stabbing.

And the aftermath was sad.


While the President attended a game at Tuscaloosa’s celebrated Bryant-Denney stadium — where 50-yard-line seats are faaaantastic — someone shanked the “Baby Trump” balloon.

The diapered Donald was up and floating at one point, but around 1:30 p.m. — before kickoff — a man in a Crimson Tide T-shirt pierced the pouty Prez.

Disappointed down-with-Donald organizer Nic Gulas recounted the hostile attack to CNN:

“It was a random dude just ran up to the balloon, stuck a knife in it, and ran off. We had police close by because of another driver earlier, so they went over and arrested him and his getaway driver.”

As cops led him, handcuffed, to a squad car, the perpetrator screamed at protestors occupying Monnish Park.

The man was charged with Criminal Mischief and booked into Tuscaloosa County Jail.

One thing’s for sure — or, for dadgum sure: The protestors in Central Alabama were in a monumental minority.

In fact, the school itself officially welcomed the President and First Lady:


This assessment was probably about right:

And not only is Bama home to many, many Trump fans; the Commander-in-Chief’s MAGA hats are red and white — a great match for Crimson Tide football.

But for some on social media, the Resistance was still strong:

One user was so overcome by their echo-chambered anti-Trumpness that they forgot he actually won the election — that is, people voted for him. In lots of places:

As reported by Birmingham’s ABC 33/40, donors had raised $4,000 to rent the balloon earlier in the week.

And yes, I’m subsequently right at this moment plotting the ribbon-cutting of Alex’s Balloon Rental.

As for the four grand they collected (plus $3,882 above their goal), imagine if that money’d gone toward something with an actual functional purpose. Like anything other than a reminder that some folks don’t like the guy they didn’t vote for.


Put in Tuscaloosa terms, the owners of the blasphemous blimp that got blew out were asked about the disappointing deflation. They weren’t too worried about it:

“We have 6 [Baby Trump balloons] and will persist to resist the Liar-in-Chief.”

Well, either way, on Saturday night, Donald J. Trump was doubtlessly floating on Cloud 9 in the gridiron Grand Ole Party Land of Love.

And it may very well be fortuitous: He’s no doubt looking forward to almost exactly one year from now when, compliments of a red wave, he intends to — like Alabama — revel in the victory of a Crimson Tide.



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