'White Supremacist' Ben Shapiro Gets Interrupted During His Speech at Stanford - Just as He's Blasting Nazis

[Screenshot from The Daily Wire, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BY5GuuoRxuU&feature=emb_logo]
[Screenshot from The Daily Wire, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BY5GuuoRxuU&feature=emb_logo]


And so, it happened: Ben Shapiro appeared on the campus of Stanford University, even as people perplexingly feared America’s most famed Nazi Israelite would cause great risk to the safety of anyone who isn’t a straight, white non-Muslim (here).


But as the Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief spoke Thursday night, there were hecklers.

Oddly, they interrupted his condemnation of Nazis.

Still, the naysayers in the auditorium were outnumbered.

As reported by TDW, during his presentation — the theme of which was “No, leftist idiots don’t get to raise my kids” — Ben lambasted alt-right racism.

That’s the point at which rallyers from the back began a chorus of goofiness: “Hey hey, ho ho! Ben Shapiro has got to go!”

His response:

“Are you protesting the part where I’m condemning the Nazis? You hear what I’m doing right now. Do you have ears? I’m literally condemning Nazis, and you’re telling me to leave. Do you hear yourselves?”

The disruptors were escorted out to the tune of an opposition chant: “USA! USA!”

Ben was confused by the timing of the activism:

“I’ve got to be honest with you, I’m extraordinarily puzzled here. I’m standing up here bashing the living sh** out of Nazis and they’re telling me I have to leave over it. What’s a guy gotta do?”

It’s a good question.

But he has to remember: He’s a cockroach that must be snuffed out via insecticide. The university’s social justice warriors declared it so earlier in the week:


Because they’re all about tolerance.

Including tolerating speech.

Like they said a few days ago:

“Our protest is not about SCR’s right to free speech, it is about the violence that Ben Shapiro’s hateful, dehumanizing ideas incite against members of our community. This event has no place on this campus, much less in Stanford’s largest venue.”

As I stated previously, they believe in his right to speak; they just wanna make sure he doesn’t.


“We are tired of of Stanford Administration’s complicity in putting Black, Brown, Trans, Queer, and Muslim students at risk by allowing SCR to bring Ben Shapiro to campus.”

And so goes our new, brave — and most of all, informed — woke world.



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