Murder Over Chicken: Just One Night After Popeyes Reintroduces Their Popular Chicken Sandwich, a Fight in Line Turns Deadly

[Screenshot from Fox 5 DC via Facebook,]
[Screenshot from Fox 5 DC via Facebook,]


Love that chicken from Popeyes.

I do — add a biscuit and some of the joint’s riveting red beans and rice, and you’ve got yourself a super delicious combo.


But no food is worth dying for.

And that’s exactly the kind of tragedy that seems to have occurred in Maryland Monday night, according to a report by D.C.’s Fox5.

It appears the whole mess began over the return of the restaurant’s popular chicken sandwich.

As reported by the New York Post last week, the chicken chain was beefing up its staff in order to deal with the heavy demand for such a delectable delight.

Previously, the monster couldn’t be tamed.

From the Posts’s piece Monday:

Popeyes introduced the chicken sandwich in August, attracting “hangry” mobs who craved the fried delicacy, but soon had to take it off the menu because they didn’t have the bandwidth to meet the demand.

The sandwich made its official comeback Sunday, and somewhere around 7 p.m. the following night, about 20 minutes outside of Washington, an altercation began after someone cut in line.

As relayed by Fox 5, the situation escalated and spilled outside.

[Go to the 1:13 mark in the video below to see Fox’s coverage]

Police arrived to find a man in the parking lot with knife wounds.


He was taken to a local hospital, where he passed away.

Detectives were at the scene, questioning witnesses and collecting evidence, but as of late Monday evening, the suspect was still on the lam.

The identities of those involved haven’t been released.

As per the Fox 5 story, a source told the station they waited 45 minutes earlier in the day for one of the sought-after sandwiches.

And thanks to a situation that clearly got out of hand, two individuals won’t soon again know the bliss they believed was worth the wait — one, because they were knifed needlessly, and the other, because Popeyes doesn’t cater prisons.


It’s a crazy world out there.

Tread lightly.

And when possible, maybe use the Drive-Thru.



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