Kentucky Federal Judge Reverses Course on Nick Sandmann's $250 Million Lawsuit Against 'The Washington Post'



Big news: In Kentucky, a federal judge has reopened the $250 million defamation lawsuit against The Washington Post catapulted by erroneous reporting on Covington Catholic High School student Nick Sandmann.


In case you’ve forgotten, the paper’s fake news about Nick physically intimidating Nathan Phillips and engaging in racist behavior at a January 18th D.C. Right to Life March resulted in things such as these (here and here):

Now Judge William Bertelsman’s reversed course from having previously dismissed the case over the summer, and he’s ordered that the discovery phase can proceed.

But the suit’s been tailored: William declared that 30 of the 33 statements argued by Nick’s attorneys as libelous actually aren’t.

So which three are left? That would be Statements 10, 11, and 33. USA Today schools us on what’s what:

“These three statements state that (Sandmann) ‘blocked’ Nathan Phillips and ‘would not allow him to retreat,'” the order reads.

The amended complaint contends that Nathan “deliberately lied” and “had an unsavory reputation.” Furthermore, it argues the Post should’ve been more aware of Phillips due to prior news coverage.


More from USAT:

The judge’s order that discovery can continue means Sandmann’s legal team can make requests for internal Washington Post documents concerning the events like emails and communications between editors and reporters.

William laid it out:

“Suffice to say that the Court has given this matter careful review and concludes that ‘justice requires’ that discovery be had regarding these statements and their context. The Court will then consider them anew on summary judgment.”

Nick attorney Todd V. McMurtry is calling the about-face “a huge win”:

Sandmann lawyer Lin Wood’s ready to rumble, too:

No word yet on whether Nick’ll be charged for wearing a red hat — in case you haven’t heard, those things are making everyone scared.




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