SJW Wreaks so Much Woke Havoc in the Classroom, Cornell Ejects Her From the Science Program. Now Everyone Can Learn Again

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Reportedly, a student at Cornell University social-justiced their way right out of school.

Or, at least, out of a school program.

They were such an annoyance, the college gave them the boot — from the Alliance for Science fellowship.


Julia Feliz — who prefers the pronouns “they” and “them” — would (and remember, all of this is alleged) constantly relate every cotton-picking thing in every cotton-picking discussion in every cotton-picking class to social justice issues.

In fact, I think I just transgressed, with “cotton-picking.”

This took time time away from everybody actually learning stuff.

Apparently, she isn’t white, and now she’s calling the school “racist,” even though complaints emanated from non-white students as well.

According to Cornell, the science program aims to address “the ways in which individuals and groups define mathematical knowledge so as to see ‘Western’ mathematics as the only legitimate expression of mathematical identity and intelligence. This definition of legitimacy is then used to disenfranchise people and communities of color. This erases the historical contributions of people and communities of color.”

Oh, sorry — that’s from the Seattle public school system’s Math Ethnic Studies program (here).

Let’s see…Cornell…Cornell…ah — here it is:

To “equip and empower emerging international leaders who are committed to advocating for science-based communications and access to scientific innovation in their home countries.”

But Julia, it seems, had some additional objectives.


As reported by The College Fix, she “accused a visiting professor from Iowa State of using ‘racist and sexist terminology’ and of ‘[speaking] loudly and walk[ing] towards them to intimidate them’ after they asked a question.”

As for white racism, 27 of the 31 students let into the program this semester weren’t Caucasian.

And here’s what the school had to say about Julia’s — aka “Mx. Feliz’s” — charges and trajectory, served up in a statement by Senior Direct of Media Relations and News John Carberry:

It is accurate that Mx. Feliz was asked to leave the 2019 Fellows program. This decision was not taken lightly. This was made after Mx. Feliz engaged in behavior that caused numerous and repeated complaints from other fellows over many weeks. It became clear that the educational experience of other fellows was being compromised due to ongoing interruptions of classroom lectures and discussions by Mx. Feliz. Cornell staff made many attempts to support and work with Mx. Feliz, including referrals to appropriate university offices to explore Mx. Feliz’s allegations of discrimination in the program; however, Mx. Feliz chose not to take advantage of independent university support programs, instead raising Mx. Feliz’s concerns within the classroom, leading to additional complaints from other fellows. Program leadership ultimately determined with sincere regret that Mx. Feliz was not benefitting from the program and that Mx. Feliz’s continued presence was depriving other fellows of their opportunity to benefit from the program.


We’re living in strange times. And given all the cultivation of social justice mania — including within the educational system — it’s no wonder someone like Julia could manage such a footshot.

We’re probably headed for more of the same, unless and until schools turn back to teaching the science of not being goofy.



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