Tupac Shakur is Arrested in Tennessee, and He's Still Up to His Old Tricks



For all you hardcore rap fans out there, is Tupac still alive?

Well, the short answer is Yes.

But he is in jail.


In Johnson City, Tennessee over the weekend, a man named Tupac Amaru Shakur — the exact first, middle, and last names as the Thug Life rapper who was murdered in a car beside Death Row Records CEO Suge Knight on the Las Vegas strip 23 years ago — was taken into custody.


Police responded to a call Saturday about Pac, who had outstanding arrest warrants. When officals tried to make the detainment, he came toward ’em with a knife.

That’s textbook Tupac.

The officers should’ve known better.

From Pac’s album One Million Strong:

Runnin‘ from the police (Yeah, I know what you mean)
No matter what I do, they got a n*gga
Still runnin’ from the police
(Put them mother****ing Nike’s on tight and get ghost y’all)

Still runnin’ from the police, I gets no sleep
I got you peepin’ in my window, while I’m smokin’ indo
But I ain’t no mother****ing track star, pigs got a jeep
Like [a friend] runnin’ through mother******’s backyards
So I grabs my piece before I flee

This time around, him grabsing his piece resulted in a bit of a scuffle, and when officers searched generously-tattooed Tupac, they found a syringe and multiple bags of meth.

The star was charged with aggravated assault, resisting arrest, unlawful drug paraphernalia, and simple possession of meth.

Tupac’s lookin’ a bit different these days, perhaps from the stress of having to hide from all other human beings since faking his death.

See for yourself:


Not quite the sheen he once had.

And it looks like he may suffer from sleep apnea.

Someone get that thug some hoes and a CPAP.

Oh, well — at least America’s favorite formerly-deceased rapper is still among us.

Of course, eventually — like all things — this too(pac) shall pass.

Especially if he keeps doing meth.

But that’s the thug life.



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