Hillary: She was Robbed of Her Rightful Presidency by Hacking 10-Year-Old Children

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton speaks during the TIME 100 Summit, in New York, Tuesday, April 23, 2019. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)



I don’t recall any other presidential election where the loser continued on for months and months and months claiming to not really have lost.


The reason I don’t remember could be that my memory is bad or that I’m not old enough. Another possible culprit: The fact that it would be incredibly foolish to do so, so no one does.

Hillary Clinton went her own way.

And she’s still going. Only one year away from the end of the term, she’s still expending time, effort, and the energy of her thoughts on her loss. What she doesn’t seem to understand is it only means she’s continuing to lose: Rather than doing something new and winning, she’s stuck failing in the past.

And I mean that, not critically, but empathetically.

It’s tough to watch.

And speaking of winceworthiness, Hillary recently sat down on the Campaign HQ with David Plouffe podcast to push out more explanation as to why she’s not president, none of which will likely ever be “America voted.”

And a really big one topped the pile.

As it turns out, a reason she was robbed of her rightful place at the head of the nation’s table was stinking kids.

Ten-year-olds, to be exact.

They’ve been hacking our elections.

And, apparently, fourth graders are big Trump supporters.


Here’s Hil:

“You know, we don’t really know to what extent the election was interfered in because nobody will look for it. We do know that in Florida a lot more happened than has been admitted publicly.”

And on we go…

“We know we’re really vulnerable.”

Get ready for it…

“Every, you know, every Hackathon that happens, you know, 10-year-olds are hacking our voting systems and the networks that connect them.”


And the federal government likes all the elections being stolen:

“So we have four big problems, and we don’t have a government that is interested in protecting our elections.”

Well there ya go.

Oh, I just thought of this — if you want to know if that’s actually true, it ain’t.

The Daily Wire explains:

Clinton’s claim comes from an August 2018 story about a Florida hacking competition, during which a [11-year-old] boy hacked into a replica election system. The story was widely shared in the media as evidence of America’s vulnerability to hackers.

However, even Politifact rated the vote hacking claim “mostly false” after Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard repeated a similar claim over the summer.

Here’s Politifact:

First, there wasn’t hacking into a replica of the election system — but rather a website made to look like Florida’s Secretary of State website that reports preliminary election results. In other words, not the system that receives and counts actual votes.

And second, what was hacked into was not even a replica — as in an exact copy of the website — because it did not contain the proprietary security features that the Secretary of State website has.

Furthermore, this statement came from Florida’s National Association of Secretaries of State:

“While it is undeniable websites are vulnerable to hackers, election-night reporting websites are only used to publish preliminary, unofficial results for the public and the media. The sites are not connected to vote counting equipment and could never change actual election results.”


But if you’re prone to conspiracy subscription, and if Hillary’s loss is really stuck in your craw, then you should take action.

The children’s families are surely unaware. The little mongrels are probably holing up with swiped Macbooks, unbeknownst to mom or dad. They’re so small at that age — maybe they’re hiding in the kitchen cabinet — that tiny Chamber for Cheating — while they steal all America’s elections.

Trump’s evil must’ve lured them away from their parents. We’ve got to shout down the devil.

If you wanna make a difference, the next time you see a decade-old dude or chick — at a restaurant, at a school, at the mall, at church, or anywhere else, confront that little deplorable.

Expose their Hacker’s Hideout, and give ’em a little bit o’ What For.

And tell ’em Maxine sent ya:



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