Mayors from 50 Cities Take Gas-Guzzling Jets to Sweden in Order to Save the Environment, as the Goofy Game Continues



From what I’ve seen, there are few if any public voices on climate change whose lifestyles affirm the reality of their claims.

If you consider yourself a warrior in the fight against a solar Armageddon yet do more than the average person to worsen it, you’re just playing a game.


The average American doesn’t do much. They mostly live where they were born. They drive to work, they drive home. They go to little league games.

If you’re championing the cause against pollution and you board a jet, you’re not making any sense.

Pick one.

As I’ve said before, human beings started out wanderin’ around, nekkid in the woods. They were “green.” Walmart? Not green. Best Buy? Not green. Amazon? Apple? NBC? None green. Any company manufacturing and transporting things and paying people to do it — employees who’ll also require transportation and resources which in turn mandate more transportation and employees — is not green.

If you wanna be green, stop making stuff. Go live in the buff under trees in the leaves.

Greenness attained.

That’s my advice, but no one seems interested.

Hence, mayors from 50 cities and officials the world over got in a buncha giant gas guzzlers and shot across the sky to Denmark last week for the C40 World Mayors Summit.

That group also included cowfart-fighter and frequent flier Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who dreams of a world without planes, and you can read about her emotional speech in RedState writer Nick Arama’s coverage.

Shouldn’t scientists be speaking at a conference about science? I can’t imagine a 1955 convention on the effects of pollution and cosmic components being led by someone who was just recently a bartender.


Another non-scientist who laid it: Al Gore.


That would be, the man who, 14 years ago, said we only had 10 years to save the world.

He knows it’s way too late. Shouldn’t he be on the golf course, or skydiving with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman?

He’s also the recent recipient of the Climate Hypocrite Award.

As I wrote in September:

[T]he Tennessee Center for Policy Research revealed the great global warming activist lived such an extreme lifestyle that the utility bills for his Belle Meade mansion totaled $30,000 per year.

A similar exposé was delivered by a Nashville newspaper a few years before that.

In 2010, Al and Tipper added another house to their collection, in Montecito, California.

Here’s the World Property Journal:

The couple spent $8,875,000 on a gated ocean-view villa on 1 1/2 acres with a swimming pool, spa and fountains, according to real estate sources familiar with the deal. The Italian-style house has high ceilings with beams in the public rooms, a family room, a wine cellar, terraces, six fireplaces, five bedrooms and nine bathrooms in more than 6,500 square feet of living space. … The 93108 ZIP Code, which includes the coastal hamlet, was ranked as America’s seventh most expensive area last year by Forbes.

And consider a bit of info from the National Center for Public Policy Research:

In powering his home, Gore still greatly outpaces most Americans in energy consumption. The findings were shocking:

  • The past year, Gore’s home energy use averaged 19,241 kilowatt hours (kWh) every month, compared to the U.S. household average of 901 kWh per month.
  • Gore guzzles more electricity in one year than the average American family uses in 21 years.
  • In September of 2016, Gore’s home consumed 30,993 kWh in just one month – as much energy as a typical American family burns in 34 months.
  • During the last 12 months, Gore devoured 66,159 kWh of electricity just heating his pool. That is enough energy to power six average U.S.  households for a year.
  • From August 2016 through July 2017, Gore spent almost $22,000 on electricity bills.
  • Gore paid an estimated $60,000 to install 33 solar panels. Those solar panels produce an average of 1,092 kWh per month, only 5.7% of Gore’s typical monthly energy consumption.

Here’s what that guy — who also flew in — had to say at the conference:

“Because of what’s happened to our national governments, mayors are on the [climate change] front line now.

“A lot of this is up to you; we need you, we need your help, the world needs your help, the next generation needs your help and the young people are saying in ever louder, more passionate terms that they depend on us to do the right thing.

Al explained that mayors “do not have the luxury of just going away and reading reports about what is going on. You run into your constituents every single day.”

As reported by The Daily Wire, mayors from 14 of the world’s largest cities promised to cut down on the amount of meat served in schools, hospitals, and public buildings.

They want to reduce the amount of meat people eat to less than 300 grams a week, about the size of two steaks. Dubbed the “Planetary Health Diet,” it is designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. So far, such cities as Barcelona, London, Los Angeles, Paris, Tokyo and Toronto have signed on to the C40 Good Food Cities Declaration signed on Thursday.

Does all this change anything? 14 cities? On a planet of 7 billion? Thanks to a convention involving tons of jets? By people who do more than the average person to pollute?

Someone should tell the gang about Skype. And the rest of the world.

These days, saving it is strange business.



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