One of Harvey Weinstein's Alleged Victims Takes Down Hillary Clinton: 'I Can't Believe I Used to Support Her'

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton reacts while speaking with MGM Grand employees during a visit to the hotel and casino Thursday, Feb. 18, 2016, in Las Vegas. (AP Photo/John Locher)
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Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton reacts while speaking with MGM Grand employees during a visit to the hotel and casino Thursday, Feb. 18, 2016, in Las Vegas. (AP Photo/John Locher)



On Friday, actress Rose McGowan slammed traditionally-held-as-liberal-royalty Hillary Clinton.

The tweeted blast came in response to a report that Clinton’s team pressured whistleblowing journalist Ronan Farrow to halt an exposé on Harvey Weinstein and his history of sexual harassment and assault.

At the time, Ronan was working for NBC News. The network 86’d the story, despite the fact that Rose had publicly accused Harvey of rape.

NBC’s kibosh resulted in Ronan’s article for the New Yorker, which brought about the launch of #MeToo and a Pulitzer for the writer.

In his new book, Catch and Kill, he drops a bomb: When the story was cookin’ at the Peacock, Harvey tried to conjure his Clinton connections for a kill shot.

Rose responded with a scathing anti-Hillary Twittering, roping in Bill along the way:

“I knew that Hillary Clinton’s people, were protecting the Monster. I can’t believe I used to support her. I guess predators are her style.”


“Hillary Clinton, did you have any concern for your husband’s victims? And what about [Harvey Weinstein’s] victims? No? Didn’t think so.”

She’s pulling no punches.

But raging she ain’t:

Here’s part of what Catch and Kill asserts, as described by The Hollywood Reporter:

In summer 2017, while Farrow was trying to lock down an interview with Clinton for his foreign policy book — while also still working on the Weinstein story — he received a call from Clinton’s publicist, Nick Merrill, who told him that the “big story” Farrow was working on was a “concern for us.” Then, in September 2017, according to an email cited in the book, Weinstein wrote to Deborah Turness, the ex-president of NBC News who now runs NBC News International, to propose a docuseries on Clinton. “Your Hillary doc series sounds absolutely stunning,” Turness responded.


In a tweet, Nick responded to the cancellation of the documentary but not the “concern” part of the accusation:

As for Hillary’s relationship to Bill’s philandering, she said earlier this month it was the “gutsiest” thing to stay in the marriage. But she didn’t stop there; she wanted everyone to know precisely how it was (here).

Listen up, all you woke, potential voters:

“Sometimes, when your child has an issue — I had a friend a few years ago who called up and said ‘I don’t know who to talk to about this, but my little girl wants to be a boy. What do I do?’ And, you know, several of us kind of — we didn’t know what to do, we never had a friend who’d faced that before. Several of us kind of read everything and talked to people and gave her advice and it was really gutsy for her to say, ‘Okay, I’m going to respect the feelings of my child, as hard as it is for me to understand this.’”


And that’s exactly what it was like.

Don’t be surprised if Hillary returns to the ring between now and 2020.

Would you like to see her there? One vote she won’t be getting: that of Rose Arianna McGowan.



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