University of Kansas Apologizes for Launching its Family-Friendly Basketball Season with Stripper Poles and an R-Rated Rap Star

[Screenshot from Twitter,]
[Screenshot from Twitter,]


Imagine you’ve taken your young son and daughter to a college basketball game to celebrate the beginning of the season. You’ve got your cokes, nachos, and those cancer-causing hotdogs.


Suddenly, out comes Snoop Dogg.

He tells the kids:

Top Dogg, bite em all, n*gga burn the sh** up
D-P-G-C my n*gga turn that sh** up
C-P-T, L-B-C, yeah we hookin back up
And when they bang this in the club baby you got to get up
Thug n*ggaz drug dealers yeah they givin it up
Lowlife, yo’ life, boy we livin it up
Takin chances while we dancin in the party fo’ sho’
Slip my hoe a forty-fo’ and she got in the back do’
B*tches lookin at me strange but you know I don’t care
Step up in this motherf****er just a-swangin my hair
B*tch quit talkin, Crip walk if you down with the set
Take a bullet with some d*** and take this dope from this jet

What do you do?

A) Wave your hotdog in the air, and wave it like you just don’t care
B) Something less parentally enthusiastic

Well, Friday night, a crowd of over 16,000 at the University of Kansas Jayhawks 2019-2020 season kickoff got the opportunity to figure it out.

Watch (Language Warning):

Eyebrows were certainly raised.

The stripper pole dancers also helped to liven the situation.


Since some in the audience went the less enthusiastic route, UK athletic director Jeff Long issued an apology afterward:

“We apologize for the Snoop Dogg performance at Late Night. We made it clear to the entertainers’ managers that we expected a clean version of the show and took additional steps to communicate to our fans, including moving the artist to the final act of the evening, to ensure that no basketball activities would be missed if anyone did not want to stay for his show. I take full responsibility for not thoroughly vetting all the details of the performance and offer my personal apology to those who were offended. We strive to create a family atmosphere at Kansas and fell short of that this evening.”

The school is subsequently facing five NCAA Level I violations, including a failure to meet the coaching responsibilities standard and a lack of institutional control.

Head coach Bill Self told the USA Today the event went a bit differently than he’d preferred:

“That’s not the direction that anybody at our school would want that to go, at all. Regardless of the entertainment that it provided many. It was still not the right way to provide the entertainment. I’ve heard from some people that bad publicity is better than no publicity. I actually don’t believe that for a second, but it felt good to say.”


Well, regardless of the strippers and vulgarity, everybody went home a little richer: Snoop used a cannon to shoot money into the crowd.

It may be hard to spend, though: Each bill sports the face of Tha Doggfather.



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