The Far Left's Worse Nightmare: A Study Reveals a Huge Increase in Americans Carrying Guns



Some strange stuff is goin’ down.

A long time ago, government — as representatives of the people — declared that the citizenry would have guns.


An organization was formed to protect those rights.

Now the government is trying to take them away.

One step in that process is the defeat of the organization supporting them.

By “the government,” I mean, of course, select individuals who’ve been elected to office.

Political hopeful Beto wants to confiscate America’s best-selling hunting rifle.

And holy moley, Michigan Rep. Haley Stevens is raging against the NRA:

But what’s the current will of the people?


Take a ganders at this:

A report released by the nonprofit Crime Prevention Research Center this week needs a trigger warning: Nearly 19 million U.S. citizens have permits to carry a concealed handgun.

Just since last year, the number’s grown by 8 percent — an increase of 1.4 million.

A whole lot of those guns, as you know, would be semi-automatic — which clueless goobers on MSNBC and CNN have unendingly denounced as if the designation means a machine gun.

Sorry, major news networks; it’s a machine gun free-for-all.

19 million. Semi-automatic.

Take that, goofy memes!

So which states do you think have the highest concentration of gun-wearers?

Well, in first place, Roll Tide: ‘Bama is a titanic wave of firearm ownership. Some folks there prefer open carry — don’t be scared if the dude behind you at the Citgo’s sportin’ a Glock like he’s Wyatt Earp.

A whopping 26% of adults in the Heart of Dixie have concealed carry permits.

Indiana trails with 18. South Dakota hits the list with 16.

Across the nation, 7.3% own cards.

Three states — Georgia, Texas, and Pennsylvania — have more than 1 million permit holders.


Florida has 2 million.

And here’s something: 16 states don’t require permits.

As the report notes, we’re likely headed away from the permit years:

“As more and more states decide not to require permits, the number of people who can legally carry a handgun will increasingly outpace the number of permit holders.”

Some Democrats may not like the 2nd Amendment, but it appears there’s a cultural chunk of America — otherwise known as voters — who fancy it.

And those 19 million are the ones who followed the rules by getting a proper permit. Anti-gun legislation would only affect them, not the criminals who don’t much pay attention to prohibitions against stuff like mass murder.

Food for thought.

America’s packin’.



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